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Yes, it is possible to test for the presence of detox agents.

Stopping Smoking Marijuana For Two Weeks and Taking Detox Drinks/Pills Be Successful In Passing A Drug Test:
  • The answer is not always clear. It would depend on your metabolism and how much you regularly smoke and exercise after you have quit. Also what kind of drug test you're attempting. A drug court test, like those for people on probation check levels and do a more precise check for drugs, but say a drug test for a job at Wal Mart would be less in depth. I recommend: Using the detox drink and doing things that make you sweat a lot. Such as jogging, sauna and hot tubs. Marijuana traces are stored in your fat cells so sweating them out is a great idea. Also, keep hydrated as much as possible to help flush your system and encourage the clearing out of waste and other product like that.
  • Detox drinks will do nothing for you. They are a sham. Doing all that you can in order to pass is complicated. Dilution of urine is the key. Drink a lot of water a few hours prior to the drug test so that your urine is diluted and the sample of urine will contain less THC metabolites than if you had not drank water, thus, making the metabolites harder to detect. Another helpful suggestion is to urinate in the morning prior to the test in order to remove the "dirtiest" urine. Afterwards drink the water. Don't overdo it with the water. you could hurt yourself by drinking massive quantities of water. This will result in a Diluted test which usually counts as a positive. If you have two weeks then exercise(sweat) and drink that water and you should be fine.
  • It should be very clear to you that you are either having to be tested by instructions from a court of law or you are in sports. Therefore, why don't you use some common sense and nix the Marijuana for now instead of spending extra money to try and cover up the fact you are using it and possibly ending back in jail for parole violation or getting kicked out of the sport you are in!
First hand experiences:

This sounds nuts but it works I know because of people that work in the gov. Get Jello Mix and mix with water drink it. Its that easy tastes bad but its cheap and works for around 10 hours for your test.

  • Detox drinks allowed my girlfriend to pass her test after two weeks. (Which, of course, is the amount of time it takes the body to flush THC all by itself...)
  • By drinking several liters of water each day, my friend was able to pass his test after one week.
  • People who chain-smoked can actually go sober for more than five weeks and still have THC show up in their tests.
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Q: If you stop smoking marijuana for about 2 weeks for a drug test and take detox drinks or pills to cover can the test show you did that?
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How do you detox marijuana?

You can get it out of your system by not smoking it for a while or buying a detox pill that cleans out your system.

How do you detox from marijuana?

stop smoking it Funny you have to give this answer to a pot smoker.... :-)

Are detox drinks detectable in urine screens?

I applied for a job that does urine drug screening, I smoked marijuana, drank Assure Detox, worked for 2 days, and when the test came back positive...I was fired and let go, the very next day. Detox drinks DO NOT WORK to cover THC in your system.

Marijuana detox in 24 hours?

One cannot detox from marijuana in 24 hours. In fact, marijuana can stay in oneâ??s system for up to 30 days, depending on the amount one took and the frequency level. One may be able to mask the marijuana by drinking a lot of certain detox drinks at high frequencies. Yet, there is no certainty that these drinks will always work.

How do you detoxify marijuana?

You can get it out of your system by not smoking it for a while or buying a detox pill that cleans out your system.

Does affirm detox cover synthetic marijuana?

If by synthetic marijuana you mean Spice, then you Dont need to detox. There is no THC in Spice and plus it filters out of your system in about 2days.

Will marijuana stay out of your system once you drink a marijuana detox drink?

No, they only cover it up. IF it worked at all.

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no, none I am aware of and I am pretty aware... some will work for marijuana such as Herbal Cleanse

Will detox drinks make you withdraw if you are on methadone?

Yes, detox drinks can cause you to withdraw while on methadone.

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Detox drinks can usually be found in any health store. Some fitness stores may also have the detox drinks.

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Detox drinks may assist you in passing an ETG alcohol test. It will depend on the last time you drank, how much you drank, and how many detox drinks that you consume.

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No you pretty much need to smoke a butt-load of nicotine to cover up the marijuana in your blood stream but the best thing to do is give it time

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Detox drinks are made to help pass urine tests. They will not work on saliva tests

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