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You could be pregnant, or your period could be a little late. A negative pregnancy tests suggests you're not pregnant. A 34 day cycle isn't that unusual when a woman isn't on Birth Control. Repeat the test in a week if you still haven't gotten your period. If you're trying to get pregnant, be sure to take folic acid. If you don't want to get pregnant, restart the pill or use some other kind of birth control.

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Q: If you stopped taking your birth control pills in early January had a normal period in January and February but now you are 6 days late in March you took 2 hpt both neg could you be pregnant?
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You stopped taking birth control in December your period came like clock work In January and February your period was early But march your period is late Is this normal?

I stopped taking my birth control in December and in January I came on my period but in february I didnt come is this normal

When are women on birth control most prone to getting pregnant?

The purpose of a birth control pill is not to get pregnant, so they are not "prone" to getting pregnant. To get pregnant the pill has to be stopped.

You stopped taking your birth control and spottedcould you b pregnant?

Yes, unprotected sex can get you pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if you stopped your birth control pills and spotted for 3 weeks?

Yes, if you stop the birth control you can get pregnant, whether or not you're bleeding.

You stopped your birth control pills a week after having sexcan you become pregnant a week after stopping your pills but had sex aweek before?

Yes you can become pregnant a week after you have stopped taking birth control pills.

Can you get pregnant if you only took birth control for 3 weeks then stopped?

Yes, fertility returns quickly after stopping birth control pills. If you stopped taking them after just three weeks and continued having sex you can get pregnant.

If you stopped taking you birth control before the pack was done how long until you get a regular period?

I have been on birth control for 7yrs, and i stopped taking it the end of September. But when i stopped taking it i didn't finish the pack. I am trying to get pregnant. I am concerned that i cant get pregnant and that i should have finished the pack first. I am concerned that i might not be able to get pregnant because i took birth control for 7yrs.

If i didnt start my period when i stopped taking my birth control after 3 days am i pregnant?


Can you get pregnant if you didn't have any sex and you have stopped taking birth control pills for over a month?

If you did not have sex, their is no possible way for you to be pregnant. If you had sex, and then stopped taking the birth control pills then you may be in trouble. If what I understand is true, you are definetely not pregnant if you haven't had sex. Maybe get tested to be sure?

You had your period January 3 it stopped on the 8 then on the 10 you had cramping and light spotting could you be pregnant?


You stopped taking birth control for two months and you think after you stopped taking it you gained weight and you were wondering if he reason why im gaining weight is because you stopped taking birt?

Or you are pregnant.

Can I be pregnant if I had my period in February and March but started spotting for 2 days in April and then it stopped?

Yes. Take a test

Stopped taking birth control pills no period for 7 months?

you may be pregnant go get tested

You stopped birth control and was still bleeding and had sexCould you be pregnant?

that is very possible. It can happen although it is rare

What is the chance of getting pregnant when it has been 4 months since you have your baby took birth control for 2 months then stopped and he pulled out?

You could still get pregnant

Can sperm survive long enough for you to get pregnant if you have stopped birth control pills and you had intercourse on your last pill night?


Can you be pregnant if you stopped taking your birth control pills a month and a half ago?

Yes it is possible, take a test!

If You stopped taking your birth control pills about 3 days ago and have a horrible headache are you pregnant?

No, you are not pregnant it is your body getting used to your birth control getting out of your system, but you can find out for sure about pregnancy by taking a test to be sure, but more than likely you are not pregnant.

Ive bean taken the pill for a year stopped taken them to get pregnant how long do you rekon it will take to get pregnant?

85% of couples using no birth control get pregnant in the first 12 months. The percentage is the same for couples who have used birth control pills, and couples who have not.

My girl has been trying to get pregnant but she was on birth control so she stopped and then she started having cramps and bleeding every other week Is it possible that she was pregnant?

ask a doctor ;]

If you stopped taking your birth control is that easier for you to get pregnant?

It may take awhile for the hormones of the birth control to wear off after you stop taking it. Once the effects wear off then you should be able to get pregnant as you would normally.

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I stopped taking birth control pills in novemberI had my cycle very light in January My husband and I are trying to get pregnant I feel sick all day very tired and sore nipples also bad reflux Help?

It is possible that you are pregnant, a woman often has a "light period" when the fertilized "egg" implants in the uterus,

You were on birth control for about 8 years and just stopped for the first time at the end of January you keep getting negative preg test results even though you are 4 weeks late Are the tests wrong?

It takes the average couple 8,5 months to get pregnant so the odds are you are not pregnant. Being anxious and waiting for your period can make it skip.

Why has my cervical mucus stopped completely - Am I pregnant?

Yes, you are probably pregnant