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Although this is usually a trick question, from my perspective, I believe that even though you had failed, if you were aiming at failing, and succeeded, then you have succeeded in your mission of failing. But if you were aiming to succeed, then there forth you have failed.

Why can't it be both?

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Q: If you succeed in failing have you succeeded or failed?
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If you try to fail but you succeed what have you done?

Well, you're pretty stupid for wanting 2 fail, but if you succeed when you want 2 fail, then u pretty much have failed so u got your wish. However if you tried to fail and succeeded on failing then you have both failed and succeeded. You have failed which is what you wanted to do. But you have also succeeded in failing.

If you failed in failing did you succeed?

yes technically if ufailed in failing you succeed?

How do you succeed when you fail?

well, if it was your goal to fail, then you have succeeded at failing.

If you try to fail and succeed which have you done?

short answer: succeeded. long boring answer: regardless of what you failed at you wernt trying to succeed at it so it is completely irrelevent. what you were trying to do was fail and that is just what you did so you have succeeded in your goal which is all that matters.

What is the definition of failure?

Failure is when someone has failed or did not succeed in doing something. "A failure" is usually the person that failed at succeeding.

What if you tried to fail and you succeeded which one did you do?

then you would still fail to succeed as trying to fail is as bad as failing while trying to succeed. but you would succeed to fail. wierd right but no one ever fails until they stop trying!!

If you tried to fail and you succeeded what have you done?

You have succeeded in failing!

What is the meaning of succeeded?

of Succeed

What is a past participle of succeed?

Succeeded is the past participle of succeed.

What is the opposite of disappointed?

I would say opposite of disappointed would be proud. Typically when one is disappointed, its because of personal failure or because someone failed you. When you do something right, or succeed instead of failing, you are proud of yourself, or the person who has succeeded. Satisfied would also work in some cases.

How do you spell succeed in the past tense?

The past tense of succeed is succeeded.

What is the past tense of succeed?


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