If you suspect you may be in a rebound relationship with a recent divorcee can you assume that you are fulfilling a need for them and they are not genuinely attracted to you?



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Not necessarily. Stop the second-guessing and just take it slow and easy. No one is asking you to marry this person so just enjoy each other and take it steady and slow. By doing this if this person comes to the realization that they are not in love with you then the hurt isn't quite so deep. You are wise to ask this question so use your own wisdom and slow the pace down and don't make too many promises at this point. If you feel they aren't all that attracted to you or you don't get to see them as often as you feel is normal then start dating other people. Some people (without realizing it) are confused after leaving their ex and certainly can jump into a relationship far too soon. Personally, I'd hang in there just a little longer. Nix giving too many gifts, being too available, see your friends more often and, as I said before, if this person is needy or doesn't see you that often then start dating others.