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Confront is a tough word. You might want to express your feelings and let him know your fears, offering that if something is causing him to think of straying from the marriage, maybe you two should talk or find some help. Express this in love, not anger, and maybe he'll open up to you. As for whether you believe and can trust him is up to you.

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Q: If you suspect your husband is on the verge of having an affair with a co-worker should you confont him?
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Should your husband tell his coworker that their emotional affair is over?

If it is yes most definately.

How do you get your husband to tell the truth about the affair you suspect he had?

My husband always tells me that he loves me and he won't cheat on me.

If husband works at place and his having affair with coworker or boss can the wife sue the person or the workplace?

Probably not. -MJB

If your husband is talking a lot with a female coworker on the phone and youcall her to ask her questions and she acts like she don't know him is this a problem?

Most definitely - sounds like the start of an affair or they are already having an affair, confront your husband or her face to face.

What can you do if you are in a Dentention Center and an ex coworker had an affair with my husband and betrayed our friendship?

There isn't much you can do while in a Dentention Center. Why blame your coworker when your husband has a mouth and could have said 'no!' It's best to move forward in your life and leave both of them behind. Start a new life.

Is my teacher having an affair with a coworker?


What to do if your husband and sister had an affair?

Divorse to husband , breakupwith boyfriend

What are the symptoms when your husband has an affair?

if he is accusing you of having an affair, when you are not.

What do you do if you classify your husband affair material?

ANSWER: Even if your husband is an affair material, that will not be his legit reason why he is having an affair. It can't be that he is not getting his needs at home, it will explain why he ask you to marry him if he will betrayed you.

How to tell your husband that you had an affair?


Can you sue your husband for having an affair?


Why did my husband Google his mistress after their affair?

Maybe he doesn't want the affair to be over.

Did I do the right thing by telling the husband his wife was having an affair with your husband?

No, it is not a mistake to tell the husband his wife was having an affair with your husband. However, some wives can be in denial and they may not believe their husband is cheating, but most do.

Your husband made regular calls to a female coworker 1 to 4x per wk on his way to office He also lied about a dinner they had when you were away Not sure what to do Is this emotional affair?

Do they work on projects together that they talk about on the drive to work, or do they talk about seeing each other on the way to work. If he was not feeling guilty would he have lied about the dinner? I would have no problem with my spouse having dinner with a coworker - as long as he wasn't doing it in such a way that he was lying or sneaking out. People need to eat, coworkers have things in common. There is nothing wrong until it becomes secretive. Can you surprise your husband by stopping by to take him out for lunch - check out the vibe. Step between the coworker and your hubby, let her know your man is taken - remind him too. Maybe you can have hubby invite Ms Coworker and her husband or bf over for dinner - if she knows where the bathroom is without being told you may have your answer. If she doesn't have a bf or husband - set her up, go on a double date. Watch carefully. This could be the start of an affair - this could be a long term affair just coming to the light - this could be nothing at all. Don't make an accusation unless you know for a fact what is what. Don't look for trouble if you aren't prepared to deal with the answer.

Does alesha Dixon have a husband?

She did have a husband, but they are now divorced. He had an affair with one of her friends!

Did Sara Palin's husband have an affair?

yess he did

Can a husband claim sexual harassment with his wife's company if she and her coworker was having an affair?

No, just go after the person that is in the affair with the wife... you can get him for Breaking up your marriage in some states, I would check it out... ( But remember it takes two for a affair to happen, so who is really to blame , him or her??)... BUT you had better have Positive proof its happening, also is he married, if so talk to his wife... You can get him fired (and her) if you talk to their Boss about what is happening at the work place. Good Luck

Does your husband has more chemistry with the woman he's having an affair with than he does with you?

Yes, that is why he is having an affair.

Why is it hard to have intimacy after your husband had the affair?

An affair is a betrayal of trust, and it is very hard to be comfortable and intimate with someone (your husband or anyone else) when your trust has been betrayed.

Im having an affair but she is still sleeping with her man?

If she is living or married to this man why would you think she wouldn't be sleeping with him because it's a relationship. An 'affair' means that one is cheating on their mate with another. Cheating is wrong and the persons cheating generally lose out.Answer:Wow I didn't know that you are jealous or even insecure about your mistress sleeping with her husband. I don't think you can predict what she will do when she's at home with her husband. If her husband didn't know that she is having an affair, I think she will be more loving towards him so he wouldn't suspect anything.I'm afraid that you don't have a leverage, because she is still married to her husband.

Why would you want to have an affair if you love your husband?

you wouldn't.

How can you get your husband to end his affair?

Cut off his penis

What should you do with friend who thinks that you are having an affair with her boyfriend or husband?

Confront him/her and tell the truth, if you are or aren't having a(n) affair with her boyfried/husband/fiance.

How do you tell your husband girlfriend's employer about their affair?

You do not tell your husband's girlfriend's employer anything. The employer is a businessman and is not interested in the private affairs of his employees unless it interferes with their work performance. It should be your husband you are going after and if you feel the relationship is over then file for divorce. Your husband is the one that started this affair because he either provoked the affair or he could have said 'no' if she suggested having an affair with him. Put the blame where it belongs ... your husband!

Could your wife be having an emotional affair with a coworker?

If your wife changes taste in music or wants to do more company get togethers, watch out.