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You will need to contact your agent, or policy services for your insurance company to get this answer.

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Q: If you swerved to avoid stopped traffic and ran off the road and struck a light post and totaled a rental car but have insurance what is the number of points you will get?
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I swerved to miss car that did not yield to oncoming traffic and hit a stop sign. Who's at fault?

you are

When traffic is stopped?

it is never

How do you spell aprocementaly?

The word is spelled approximately. It means "about" or "almost" or "nearly". The truck swerved approximately five feet into oncoming traffic.

What happens if your car gets totaled by another driver in collision accident?

You get the Traffic Collision Report. You find out who was at fault. You get the other driver's insurance information. You file a claim with his insurance company. Using an attorney to represent you helps to avoid you suffering through the process yourself.

When you enter traffic from a stopped position always yield the right of way?

When you enter traffic from a stopped and position, always yield the right of way to

How many points will a person get when passing a stopped school bus?

Traffic ticket points depend on your state. Passing a stopped school bus is a serious offense in all states and is usually a six point ticket. There will also be a huge increase in your auto insurance rates. I suggest retaining a local traffic attorney.

When you enter traffic from a stopped position always yield the right-of-way to?

When you enter traffic from a stopped and position, always yield the right of way to

What insurance policies normally cover traffic accident compensation?

The insurance policies that normally cover traffic accident compensation are vehicle insurance policies. To find out more, it is recommended to contact a local insurance agent.

You were driving straight in the far left lane of traffic when truck came across the traffic lane without looking and you hit them in the side so who is at fault?

The driver of the vehicle that swerved into your lane would be charged with "Changing Lanes Without Caution."

Does American Auto insurance cover traffic accidents?

"Yes, it does. Perhaps the chief purpose of purchasing American Auto insurance (or any automobile insurance) is to seek coverage in the event of a traffic accident."

How much is a no insurance traffic ticket?

It depends on the state.

Will a traffic ticket for cutting corners raise your insurance rates?

A traffic ticket could raise your insurance rates. It won't raise them right away, but may come into play when the insurance is being renewed.

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