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If you swim have problems with your ears and are pregnant is it safe to use rubbing alcohol to help?

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If it is something on the outside like on the skin of your ears yes but on the inside no You might hurt your ears this way You are much better using some light oil (almond) on the inside. You can get earplugs to wear for swimming that should help.

2006-07-14 07:20:47
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Related Questions

Can you use rubbing alcohol in the ears?

If you have a busted ear drum,NO!

An you use rubbing alcohol on newly pierced ears?

yes you can but it's better if you use an antiseptic ;)

Can rubbing alcohol be used to clean ears?

Yes. Use sparingly. The alcohol evaporates so no liquid is left behind in the ear canal.

How to get rid of Pus filled lump behind the ear?

Clean your ears with a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol.

Can you use rubbing alcohol on your infected pierced ears?

You can, but it will burn, you are better off to use neosporin, it will heal quicker and does not burn.

Can rubbing alcohol be used to clean a cats ears?

No, use warm water only. A solvent will burn or sting. I have used baby wipes on cats ears and it works ok.

How do you take care of newly pierced ears?

You should clean it with rubbing alcohol 3 times a day so it won't get infected.

Is Rubbing Alcohol good for pierced ears?

Actually, its really bad for your piercings. It kills healthy cells that help your ears heal. Use natural sea salt and warm water to clean them.

Is rubbing alcohol bad for cleaning dog ears?

Yes, you should use dog ear cleaning wipes or tips. You can find these at your petstore.

Can you make your dogs ears floppy by rubbing them?


How to heal an earring infection?

Remove the earring, clean it and clean the hole in your ear, replace the earring back into your ear. Try and use jewelry cleaner for the earrings and rubbing alcohol or alcohol wipes for your ears. You can use rubbing alcohol to clean your earrings as well if you do not have jewelry cleaner. Do this once a day for a few days and it should heal the infection.

How do you clean the insides of your ear with rubbing alcohol?

Do not ever do this as it is dangerous to your ears, just use soapy water or if you must... salty water. Stardoll: angeltatum123 x

What happens when you get rubbing alcohol in your food?

That depends a great deal on a couple of things: Did you continue to eat that food? If so, then the answer depends on the quantity of rubbing alcohol. If it was a small amount, you should be fine. If it was a lot, you will probably get very sick. If it was a medium amount, you might get a little drunk, but your food will taste awful. In any case, you probably don't want to try to pour the rubbing alcohol back into the bottle and clean your ears out with it. That is a bad idea.

How do you stop an ear infection from happening?

Just put a few drops of rubbing alcohol in your ears after you shower or swim to dry up any water that may have been trapped

Can you put a drop or two of rubbing alcohol in your ear to remove pool water after swimming?

Yes, to dry out your ears. Hydrogen peroxide (at the drug store),to remove ear wax.

How do you get ears un swollen?

hold ice on it for a few minutes, then switch to a heated object such as a heat pack, and hold that there for a few minutes. If it is because of an ear piercing, then clean it with rubbing alcohol.

How do you use rubbing in the sentence?

When rubbing a dogs ears, watch out to make sure you dont put your finger in the dogs ear.

Your dog keeps getting yeast infections in his ears and you cant afford to keep going to the Vet Is there a home remedy?

You can try alternating hydrgen peroxide and rubbing alcohol 2 - 3x a day

Can you pour alcohol in my dogs ears?

It's not usually a good idea to pour alcohol directly into your dog's ears. If his ears are irritated it can be very painful. To clean or dry your dogs ears, put some alcohol on a cotton ball and wipe the inner ears. If your dog has open sores in his ears, use hydrogen peroxide instead, or get medication from a veterinarian.

Symptoms of ear infection in young puppies?

Infections and mites are problems associated with the violent shaking of a pups head, rubbing at the ears with the paws. Continual scratching and discharge from the ear canal.

Can you use rubbing alcohol to clean ears after piercing?

I wouldn't try it, not only will it sting but also dry out and irritate the skin surrounding your piercing. Be on the safe side and buy a solution, or use a sea salt soak. :)

Can you put alcohol and peroxide in ears?

yes you can apply both on the ears but i wouldn't recommend putting peroxide inside the ears

Does blue ears mean you're pregnant?

This does not mean you are pregnant. This means you have some blue stuff on your ears. You might want to consult a doctor.

Can plugged ears cause confusion memory loss and eye problems?

Having plugged ears should not cause any of these problems. If you are having these problems, it is most likely the cause of your plugged ears and you should advice from a physician.

How does alcohol affect the ears?

alcohol diminishes the ability to distinguish between sounds and perceive their directions.