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a faint line means a weak positive a strong line means a strong positive

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Q: If you take a drug test and the line is very faint?
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What does it mean if you get a faint line on a pregnancy test?

If it is a faint pink line then it means you are pregnant. If it is a faint grey line then it is what is called an evaporation line and you are not pregnant. If you are unsure wait a couple of days and take another test. You might also try a digital test. There is no mistaking that one!

Did drug test for cocaine a faint line showed does that mean it is positive?

pretty sure if something appeared then yes

Why did i get one faint line on my drug test?

Depending on the type of drug test you used, one faint line may mean different things. It likely means it found small amounts of a substance in your urine. Please refer to its specific instructions for clarification.

Faint negative line on pregnancy test?

My positive line on my test was very daughter is now 15 months old!!!!!!!!!!

What does a faint negative line on a pregnancy test mean?

My positive line on my test was very faint. You probably are pregnant. You might consider retesting.

When you take a drug test and two line come up on the drug test what that mean?

It depends what the two lines are.

What does a faint pink line on a negative pregnancy test mean?

If you see a faint pink line that came up within the time frame for the test than it is not a negative test.

Very faint and thin line appeared right away on pregnancy test could I be pregnant and anyone else have this happen?

A faint line normally means that the test is still positive. However it also depends on the pregnancy test. If you want to know for sure get a test that says pregnant or not pregnant such as Clear Blue. Or you can contant you doctor and take a blood test. The faint line happened to me on two tests, and I am pregnant.

If you are on probation and your drug test is weak negative can they still call it a probation violation?

Depends on your probation officer- it's their call. But a weak negative could just also be a defect in the test used. Most companies that sell drug tests will tell you that a weak negative is still passing, no matter how faint the line. There is no such thing as weak negative. A test is either positive (drug metabolite present in sample) or negative (no drug metabolite present in sample). A line on an on-site test is read as negative no matter how faint.

What does one bold line and one very light line mean on a pregnancy test?

a faint second line is still a second line which means pregnant. take another test and if it is positive go to a doctor

Could you be pregnant there is a faint line on pregnancy test?


Is it a positive pregnancy test if the line is faint and a little crooked?

Yes. Make sure you take the test in the A.M. when hcg levels are most detective

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