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You will more than likely be dropped from the program. However, you can stay on his plan until the divorce is final. After that, if it's an Employer Group plan you can get COBRA and then HIPAA.

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Is life insurance required for divorce?

Life insurance is frequently required in a divorce settlement, particularly if there are children or debts.

Can you force your husband to give you his life insurance in a divorce?

No - a life insurance can only be payed out on death.

Divorce and life insurance?

When a person gets a divorce, they may want to make sure that beneficiary and ownership info on life insurance is as they would like it. A lawyer may be of further help.

How can one obtain individual health insurance after a divorce?

To continue individual health insurance after a divorce, one can apply for an insurance coverage under the Federal Law COBRA. It means that person will be covered by his/her ex-spouse's insurance plan obtained from the ex-spouse's own company or employer.

What does unreimbursed medical expenses mean Does it mean not covered by Insurance you get medical bills all the time from the ex you are only to pay per your divorce Items not covered by insurance?

This does mean expenses are not covered by insurance. If this is what the divorce decree says, then you are responsible for these bills.

Can a spouse cancel health insurance before the spouse files divorce?

It is not illegal for a spouse to cancel health insurance before another spouse files divorce. However, if a current legal separation agreement is in place that allows for health insurance, then it can not be cancelled.

Who is responsible for medical insurance for children of a divorce living in pa?

The father is usually always the person responsible for the insurance.

Do you have to provide life insurance for your x-wife?

No. If you had life insurance before you got divorce, you can cancel the policy.

Can I continue to carry your ex-spouse on company provided health insurance after your divorce?

Generally, insurance companies do not allow an ex-spouse to be carried on a policy after a divorce. Children, however, are able to be carried.

Can a spouse keep military health insurance after divorce?

In the U.S. and Canada, a divorce normally disqualifies the spouse from military medical benefits.

When you get divorced does your ex husband have to continue to pay your medical insurance?

Under health insurance rules no. I have seen that in a divorce decree but that is a legal issue not an insurance one.

Is term life insurance spouse rider policy valid after divorce?

It would be valid only after due intimation of divorce and remarriage details to the Insurance Company within the tenure of the policy bond by the policy holder.

Health insurance coverage after divorce?

Agile Health Insurance makes it simple to choose, compare & apply online for affordable Health Insurance from leading Health Insurance Companies with ObamaCare options, Short-Term Health & Dental Insurance too! cutt.us/lNSPS

Does the law require that I provide life insurance on myself for spousal support after divorce?

Laws vary from state to state and other countries. The divorce decree can specify that the spouse be named a beneficiary on a life insurance policy of a certain amount.

What can you do when an ex husband stops paying for son's health insurance and life insurance mandated in divorce agreement?

tell him to pay :D <><><> Have attorney contact court. If ordered in divorce settlement, it is NOT optional. Failure to comply with court order is contempt.

When was the first divorce mentioned in the bible?

Although divorce was regularly practised by the Israelite's, thus the law found in Deuteronomy and others, the first actually named couple who divorced was Xerxes and Vashti in the book of Esther.

What has the author Isaac Max Rubinow written?

Isaac Max Rubinow has written: 'Some statistical aspects of marriage and divorce' -- subject(s): Statistics, Divorce, Marriage 'Standards of health insurance' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Health Insurance 'Social insurance' -- subject(s): Industrial life insurance, Unemployment Insurance, Social security 'A standard accident table as a basis for compensation rates' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Accident Insurance, Accidents, Employers' liability insurance, Insurance, Employers' liability, Statistics

Do you have to get devoice for wife or husband before canceling insurance?

Do you mean 'divorce'?--legal end of the marriage?

How can you prevent ex husband from life insurance benefit?

Unless you were ordered by the court, as part of the divorce settlement, to keep your ex-husband as the beneficiary on your life insurance then you can make a change in the beneficiary with your insurance company.

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