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No it will not reset the phone. However, should you take the SIM card with it still in the phone you will not be able to access any of your photos, music or apps that are saved to the SIM card. Taking a SIM card out while a phone is on is not known to do heavy damage to your phone, but excessive removal might make your SIM card unreadable after time.

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How do you reset sim lock on samsung gt-e2222?

The Samsung gt-e2222 Sim card lock can be reset from the settings menu. Access the Sim card lock reset option by entering your security code.

Can i replace a damaged sim card?

yes, but you lose everything that was on the old sim card.

Can you use two sim cards in same Blackberry Pearl?

If you mean you can use two Sim cards at different times. Yes but save all your contacts, Pictures and everything else on to your phone then take the Sim card out put a new one in and transfer everything from your phone onto your new Sim card. A little menu should come up once you put your new Sim card in and say do you want to transfer everything and just click yes.

How do you reset nokia 5800 xpressmusic?

I had to ring customer service to find out. Take out the battery and your sim card and leave them out for 5mins. Then just put them back in and it should be reset. Worked for me

Why does your Apple iPhone now say no SIM card?

Take the sim card out and clean the contacts.

Does ipad1 take SIM card?

iPad ones take a sim card incase you have ordered the iPad one with 3g. The contractor will will send you 3g using the sim card connection. :D

If you take out the sim card off a i phone you dont have topay?

If you take the sim card out of your iphone then you wont have service peroid. Doesnt matter if the sim card is out and you have no service on your phone, your still paying no matter what.

How do you reload software on blackberry?

take out the battery, take out the sim card, wash it with water, put everything back in, and turn it on. YOUR GOOD TO GO BUCKO!

Can you bring back a deleted item from your phone?

Yes you can. If your phone has sim card you can pull out the sim card and put it in the computer and it will bring everything up.

How do get the SIM card out of a phone?

1. Take the back door off of the phone 2. Remove the battery 3. Take out the sim card

Will a master reset of the Motorola Tundra Va76r clear in the contacts saved to the sim card in addition to the information on the phone?

No - the master reset only affects the handset. It will erase the contacts from the phone's memory - but not affect the data stored on the SIM card.

How do you remove a SIM card?

To remove a SIM card, you need to take the back off the phone first. Then remove the battery, and press on the SIM card with your finger, sliding it backwards.

Where is the SIM card on a Motorola bk70?

The SIM card is located on the back of a Motorola bk70. If you take the back cover off, you will see the SIM card towards the bottom of the phone.

Will an iPhone work with normal SIM card?

Of course, the iPhone 3G and/or the original iPhone will take any normal sim card; the 3G iPhone will take the 3G sim as well.

How do Iget SIM card out?

take it out of the phone

Does removing a SIM card erase memory?

No, the SIM card is where your personal info is stored like your number and info, you can put it in another phone and it will take the number on the sim card and use it.

What happens of you take sim out of HTC wildfire?

If you take the sim card out of HTC wildfire you will lose all your information. The sim card is what holds all your phone numbers, services details and messages.

If cell phone GPS will track your Sim card or your actual phone If you leave your phone somewhere and take the Sim card with you will it track the Sim card or the phone?

The GPS tracker is in the phone, not the card. But when you use that sim card in another phone the identity of the sim card will give away the location of the new phone - which then can be tracked by its GPS.

How do you fix a vodafone sim card when it says invalid sim?

try doing a factory re set on your phone or take the sim card out for a few minutes then put it back in if that does not work then you may to take it a vodafone dealer and get them to have a look at it as you may need a new sim card

How do you take the SIM card out of your Motorola razr?


How do you take out the sim card on a LG VX5400 cell phone?

There is no SIM card in an LG VX5400. CDMA phones like the 5400 do not use SIM cards.

Does the I phone 4 take the same sim card as the 3GS?

NO the iphone 4 uses whats called a micro sim card it is smaller then the regular sim card out there. At www. phonetraderonline.com they can custom cut your existing sim card or provide you with a new 1 ...

Why does skin sag?

Yes. When you get the new phone from T-Mobile, you just switch your sim card over to the new phone. Everything on your plan is atchtaed to your sim card.

What phones take the little sim cards?

The iPhone uses the micro SIM card

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