If you tell someone you love them and their response is not saying I love you and just ditto what does that mean?


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Think it means I love ya too

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Saying "ditto" is a way of repeating what someone has just said without having to actually say it. A: "Be careful." B: "Ditto." (you be careful, too) A. "Happy New Year." B: "Ditto." (Happy New Year to you, too)

That's not an idiom, it's just a statement. Someone is saying they got no response to a question or action.

Maybe you should say it. Let it just 'slip' and if the response in undesirable, pretend you didn't realize you said it. Tell him it's a 'systematic response' or something you are so used to saying to your mom or brother or someone and then go from there.

The Pokemon you copied. Just as a warning, if your foe has a ditto and you have a ditto with only transform (that haven't transformed yet) as your last two Pokemon. the match will never end and you will have to turn off your DS systems.

Funnily enough we just say, "you're welcome". Some places we say "nae bother" in response to someone saying thank you.

No. Ditto is just unique.

The saying 'you old dog' just means someone that you have not seen for a long time. It is just a way of saying hi to someone you have not seen in a while.

It is just a way of saying hello or hi.

Just by saying it and be friendly o her/him.

I usually just say, "What are you, twelve?"

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After you beat the Elite 4 you go to the fossil maniac. There will be a cave which has Ditto in it. But just remember it wont always be ditto

ditto can be found in sapphire, you need to go to the fossil maniac's cave to look around to get ditto. Or you could just get it in a trade. Ditto is pretty common

Charizard can breed with Ditto, just give it time.

No. It's not its just someone saying there him.

is a greeting, To show Kindness and Just be Be Kind, Passing someone saying is just Kind.

When you say someone has received their "just desserts" you are saying they got what they deserved.

It is probably just a saying. but, if i had used it, i would probably mean that you pelt someone with change.

Its just a slang word, someone must have just started saying it and then it stuck and spread.

Someone guit saying annoying things and just answer ma question

It means that someone wants to let you know something but in a way that isn't super offensive.

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