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OK, i have been through this! I am in 7th grade, and I'm dating a 10th first he really liked could i tell?? well he would say hey every-time we saw each other, he would kinda push me everyday in the hallway at school, we would talk for hours everyday after school, and he would always burst into my conversations if i was ever talking to another guy. finally he just came out and said that he was in love with me. before he told me that i had grown to really like him too. so when he asked me out, the answer was easily YES!!!!

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โˆ™ 2010-10-18 13:57:52
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Q: If you think a guy likes you but doesn't really show it how can you tell if he's jealous of who you hang around with?
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Why would a guy you used to hang out with a lot suddenly not want to be around you?

Either he a gf and he doesnt want her to feel jealous 2.He likes you and he feels nervous around you 3.He feels like he doesnt want friends that are girls anymore

What if he likes but not enough to chase u?

Then he doesnt really like you like that and is probly sticking around for the booty which im sure your giving him

If she writes I love you and has a nickname for you on your notebook but she flirts around with other guys a lot What can i do to make sure she really does likes me?

Of coarse she likes you! shes just just trying to make you jealous and want her more

When a boy likes you and tries to get your attention does that mean he really likes you or he wants to really dig in?

Being a guy, he probably wants to have sex with you. But that doesnt mean he doesnt really like you. You shouldn't reject a guy just because he wants sex.

How can you tell if someone really likes you or is using your friendship to make another friend jealous?

Ask them

If you are really good friends with a boy who has expressed his wish to kiss you but then tells you that he likes this other girl who likes him back is he trying to make you jealous?

He is trying to let you know that he wants you but doesnt need you. you are an option to him but he wants you to know (think) that if you dont act you will lose your chance w/him

What does it mean when a girl walks around with you?

It means either that:she likes walking around with you, orthat she likes making someone else jealous by walking around with you.It depends on whether she's a jerk.

How can you tell if a guy likes you if you haven't really talked to him too much?

he doesnt

A girl says she really likes you but doesnt often talk to you much or really say a lot?

that's because shes shy around you, so make her feel special if u really wanna go out with her:)

How do you know when a guy likes you and doesnt want to show it?

He is really nervous around you, he wants to be near you, he tries to act cool around you, he looks at you 5-10 times a day, and is rude to you.

What does it mean when she says I'll think about it?

she has a bf but kindda likes u or doesnt really want 2 go out with him anymore, her friend likes you, you not as popular as her, she likes you but doesnt wanna show that shes soooo happy cuz she doesnt know how much u like her, she thinks you might not really like her and just want a gf, or she likes you and someone else and wants to think it through =D

What do you do if a guy doesnt know if he likes you and you still really like him?

Just tell him how you feel!

What do you do when your best fiend told that your boy friend doesnt really likes you?

Ask him if this is true.

What is a good song that explains a girl that likes a guy but the guy doesnt and then the guy gets a girlfriend and then the girl that likes him gets a boyfriend and the other guy gets jealous?

If I Were a Boy By Beyonce....I love that song:)

What does it mean when a guy gets jealous cause u talked to another guy?

well that probably means that the guy likes you and is trying to get closer but doesnt know how to

How do you know when a guy that likes you is getting jealous?

when he starts being ignorant or hanging around u and fowlloing you

He likes you but he flirts with girls around you?

he's probably just trying to make you jealous. flirt with him and see what he does.

What does it mean if a girl calls you her favorite often?

she likes you or shes trying to make someone around you jealous.

If a boy is shy around you is he also nervous around you?

well he likes you or he just doesnt want to talk to you.

How do you get a guy to confess he likes you?

make them jealous. Sometimes when they get really jealous and they can't take it anymore, it ends up them telling you or someone that he likes you. But it doesn't work all the time. Just talk to him, and ask him questions like. hows your love life?

What if a girl plays a guy just to make another guy jealous?

If this is what she's really doing, it means she likes the other guy. Could be, though, she likes the guy she's playing and doesn't care whether the other guy gets jealous or not.

You and this girl really like each other but your best friend likes her too we kissed and he's a bit jealous what should you do?

Talk to him. Of course he is jealous, if he likes that girl too. Or else it can end up pretty bad. And remember to spend time with him.

How can you tell if the girl you like is trying to make you jealous?

one way you can tell is if it seems like she is always flirting with him in front of you and he seems surprised at her level of flirtiness. if you really want to tell, see how easily you can distract her from him, if she really likes him it will be hard, if she doesnt it will be a peice of cake. good luck boys ;)

Should you make a boy jealous if he likes you and made you jealous already?


Will a boy askme out who i really like?

it depends on if he likes you back. if he doesnt then no but u have to find that out first.