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Take a test light and with ignition on-make sure you have test light hooked to good ground-check each fuse and see if you have current running thru. For a less technical method, take the manual and check which fuse is for the circuit You were messing with (e.g. horn); draw that fuse out of the fuse box and try to see through it against light. There is a silvery-colour small wire running from one connector of the fuse to the other within the colourful plastic isolator - it is easy to see with plain eye if this u-shaped wire has burned off. If You caused the fuse to blow by throwing in a spanner in the works or something and there is not fault in the circuit, then it should be simple to just replace the fuse with a new one of same type. If the fuse keeps blowing, then fix the faults in the circuit.

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Q: If you think you shorted a wire or blew a fuse on a 1989 Cadillac Brougham how do you test it?
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