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The only way is to ask. Agreed. The idea that there are always little telltale signs is misleading.

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โˆ™ 2006-06-15 23:25:57
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Q: If you think your boyfriend may be bisexual are there any sexual or personality clues that would help you realize the truth?
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What is Emily Atack's sexual orientation?

Emily Attack is straight because she has a boyfriend but, it is possible she is bisexual

Is periwinkle flower sexual or bisexual?


When is a gay boyfriend not gay anymore?

Sexual orientation cannot be changed, but a person who is bisexual may appear to switch orientations.

does ladyfinger have a bisexual flower?


How do you get a date with a girl if you are bisexual?

Make sure they know you're bisexual before you ask them out. Bisexuals are people, just the same as everyone else. People should like your personality, regardless of your sexual orientation.

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Is chris bisexual?

No hurricane is bisexual because, it has no sexual relations

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Uni sexual

Will your bisexual husband stop being bisexual?

sexual orientation cannot be changed. If someone is bisexual, they are bisexual for life.

Is hurricane chris bisexual?

No hurricane is bisexual because, it has no sexual relations

What is meant by bisexual?

Bisexuality is the emotional or sexual desire for both men and women.Bisexual is sexual attraction to both sexes.

What is the bisexual?

The bisexual is a type of sexual behavior or physical attraction with both genders of male and female. If someone is bisexual, they can experience sexual, emotional and affectional attraction to both sexes.

Is your boyfriend gay if you found him calling a gay hotline?

This is actually a good indicator of sexual orientation, unless your boyfriend was honestly doing it as a prank, then it doesn't mean anything. But most likely, he is gay or bisexual.

Are girls bi-sexual?

Yes, some girls are bisexual.

Why people turn bisexual?

Nobody turns bisexual. Sexual orientation is fixed at birth.

Is bisexual gay and lesbian a gender?

No. Bisexual, gay, and lesbian are sexual orientations, not genders.

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She's straight

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Bisexualno he is not!

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She is bisexual.

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She is a Bisexual ;)

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