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Spotting fresh blood during early pregnancy does occur and can be harmless but bleeding for 3 weeks is something that needs investigating by your doctor.

2006-08-10 20:46:06
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Q: If you think youre pregnant is it normal for you to be spotting blood the first three weeks?
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What exactly is normal spotting during your first trimester Can you still have bleeding and still be pregnant?

Spotting at any stage of pregnancy is NOT normal, see a doctor.

Is it normal to have a light blood during your first period?

Yes. Its your first time so it may not be alot of blood. It is called spotting. I had light blood my first time. Its perfectly normal.

Why my menstruation suddenly stop considering i have normal period the first day was heavy but it stop the day after only blood spotting could i be pregnant?

What??? pregnet no just a bot abnormall

If you think you're pregnant is it normal for you to be spotting blood the first three weeks?

no you only spot once around the time you expecting your next period and last for 2 days only

How long does spotting last when you are first pregnant?

spotting last for 2 days

You are spotting alittle im trying to conceive you also have sore breast can you be pregnant?

Yes you can be pregnant you have a couple signs you can spot your first couple months and be perfectly normal.

What does it mean when you are spotting before your period?

Spotting is normal before your period - your period doesn't just suddenly start, it starts slowly at first so only small amounts of blood will leave your body, this is spotting.

Is painful spotting normal in pregnancy?

I was almost 2 months pregnant and had cramps the whole time, i asked my doctor and all my friends who have been pregnant if it was normal to experience cramping and they all said yes. I started spotting and had my first miscarriage. I would go make sure everything is okay.

Could I be pregnant if I had a normal period the first day and spotting for 2 days?

Yes, you can! Ok, then how soon can you test for pregnancy with the home test?

5 weeks and spotting is brownish and now reddish?

It could be impantation spotting. If you had sex within a day of the spotting starting it could be from the cervix. However if it is changing to red you need to go to see a doctor asap, and make sure your not having a miscarriage. When I was first pregnant with my baby I had spotting without sex and it was from implantation but it was brown blood which is old blood. Red blood is fresh blood!! Good luck.

Is spotting after straining on the toilet normal in the first trimester?

No, spotting after straining on the toilet is not normal in the first trimester. Any spotting or bleeding during pregnancy is not considered to be normal. While it could be implantation bleeding, it would be wise to get examined by your doctor or obstetrician.

Is it normal to have no spotting before your first period and then have a heavy flow for your first period?

Completely normal.

Are you having a miscarriage if you're 4 weeks pregnant and you had spotting of bright red blood last night and brown spotting this morning?

You could be having a miscarriage or this could be a form of uterine bleeding from left over period blood. See your doctor tomorrow about this. Sorry to be harsh but you may just be starting your period. No. Not necessarily. You have to be pregnant first to have a miscarriage (except for a failure to implant, and then it is just like a normal period). Did you check to see if you were pregnant first? Check your HCG levels. If they continue to be high, or have increased since your last check, then I don't think it was a miscarriage. Minor spotting is normal as the blood vessels "grow" to accommodate the dividing cell mass. If the bleeding increases in intensity, and is accompanied by cramping, then get to your doctor right away ... as this is a key sign of a miscarriage. i am 7weeks pregnant my first, i started spotting when i was 6weeks pregnant... i woke up in the morning and found brown in my PJ's it was just like a normal period but brown... i was so sceard... i phoned my midwife up and left a message and i had no reply so i phoned again and she told me that i have to go strait to the hospital... so i went to the hospital they said every think is normal and feels okay but if the spotting goes any worse and starts to go red then i have to be rushed into hospital... i had the scan to days after the hospital scear and they said the baby is fine... but i don't no what to do at the moment as i am still spotting...

Is it Normal to have your period in your first trimester?

No, if its just spotting ( little bits of your period) then yes... but if its your full period, cheack a docter to see if you miscarried or if your even pregnant.

Why are you spotting while im pregnant?

Some women when they first get pregnant can spot, but you should always see your doctor if you are spotting. Please make an appointment right away.

When does spotting begin through your pregnancy?

Typically the first spotting occurs during implantation. Some women don't experience ANY spotting. This is normal.

Is any kind of clotted like blood normal during th 1st trimester of pregnancy?

I got pregnant twice and during my first trimester i had spotting and slight bleeding. And they were both signs of tubal pregnancy which is the fertilised egg implants in the tubes but not in the uterus. So I lost both of the pregnancies. I am 4 weeks pregnant again and i am hoping i will have a healthy pregnancy. I will freak out if any spotting or bleeding starts.

Can you have heavy bleeding on the day the period was due and still be pregnant?

Doctors used to believe you could, but an article publishing in "PARENTING" recently stated that you cannot have a period and be pregnant, although spotting is normal in the first few months.

Most people are six weeks along before they know they are pregnant does this mean its normal to have your period when you are first pregnant?

Hello - No it is not normal to have your period but it is normal to experience light brown bleedig during the first month. This is simply old blood being flushed out of your system.

Is red spotting after vomiting normal at 12 weeks pregnant?

The two may not be connected. If you are spotting at 12 weeks I would see a doctor. If the spotting occured right after the vomiting, then I think the two are related, particularly if this is the first spotting that you have experienced. I need more information. however, with the limited info I have, I suspect that increased abdominal pressure caused a micro blood vessel (or two) to rupture. If it was a once off spotting that has not repeated itself or increased in intensity, then I suspect that was the cause. BUT, in the interests of aleviating the overprotective -- get it checked out by your gyno. Just remember that your pregnant body can take a great deal of stress and physical activity that can border on violent and still be running strong. Pregnant bodies are not as fragile as many think.

Is it normal to spot after your first missed period?

Yes. This is usually left over blood if your pregnant or implantation bleeding.

Is the spotting the first day of your period?

No, spotting is not the first day of your period, it is when you have enough blood to wear a pad or tampon. I know because I asked my doctor about this.

Is light spotting normal within the first couple of days of conception?


After conception does the woman tend to spot during the time her mentrual cycle would occur?

Each time I have been pregnant, I had spotting at the normal time of my period for the first 3 months.

Is spotting after intercourse normal in the first trimester?

Spotting is common and generally normal at all stages of pregnancy. However, if it becomes heavy and/or painful, go and see the doctor straight away