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Nope. Your stomach will produce more acid in response to food.

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Q: If you throw up your stomach acid does that mean everything you eat for the next hour turns straight to waste and your body doesn't take in the fat?
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How can you throw a ball as hard as you can and have it come back to you even if it doesnt hit anything there is nothing attached to it and no one else catches or throws it?

Throw the ball straight up in the air. or Throw the ball against the wind.

What happens when your stomach hurts?

You throw up or have stomach aces

When your sick and you don't eat but you throw up is that normal?

yes is just your stomach trying to throw everything bad that is in your stomach, and the best thing for that is to drink allot of water and on most occasions a chicken soup whit Little bit of pepper, that will make you feel better anytime.

What happens when you throw a ball into the air?

depending on weather you throw it up or straight. If you throw it up it comes back to your hand. If you throw it straight it should go straigh to the thing your throwing it to

Is it considered bulimia if you usually throw up large meals?

you might have eaten too much or something you eat doesnt sit well in your stomach but i think you should talk to you doctor either way u might have stomach problems

When you throw up do you throw up only the content of what in your stomach?

Usually it is only what is in the stomach (food, liquid, gastric juice / stomach acid, ect.). If there is enough force - and this is VERY dangerous - sometimes a person might throw up blood.

Do you have acids in your body?

Yes, you have stomach acid in your stomach. When you throw up and your stomach is empty, then you throw up this bad-tasting yellow liquid : that is stomach acid. There are also amino acids in your enzymes located in the cell. (: Hope this helped !

How much stomach can you throw up?

The good news is you cannot throw up your stomach. But you can vomit all of the stomach's contents, including acids and bile.

What does it mean when you keep gagging and you don't ever throw up and it happens almost every day?

It means you probably have a virus, but there is not enough fluid in your stomach to create throw up, but ur body is trying to get rid of stuff it doesnt like. you got a virus.

What does it mean if your throw up is yellow?

It means that you don't have anything in your stomach but stomach bile.

What if your house phone in sims 3 iPod doesnt say throw party?

mine doesnt

You throw up everything that you eat and have been having mild headaches that last all day is that normal Quick movement usually starts the nausea. I do throw up blood and stomach acid. What do i do?

See a doctor asap!

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Throw it straight up.

How do starfish gather food?

well, they throw up there stomach and there stomach eats the food and then they swallow there stomach again. pretty disgusting!

If you drink alcohol on an empty stomach why will you throw it up immediately?

Because you caught your stomach off guard.

Can someone throw up their heart?

No. When a person vomits, everything from their stomach comes up. The heart is in no way connected to the gastrointestinal system and it would be literally impossible to vomit your own heart.

You feel butterflies in your stomach you frequently feel like you want to throw up and you also feel tired your head hurts a lot and you dont know if its because you might be or what else could this b?

well ya that means you have a stomach!but it doesnt necessary mean you are could be cramps ect.

Why stomach acid doesn't come up with throw up?

It does....

What happens if you throw up too much?

your stomach will hurt

What causes someone to throw up spit?

Convulsions in the stomach.

Do you poop when you throw up?

yes, most of the time do poop out of your rectum when you have a stomach virus, or throw up. It is possible not to poop when you throw up though.

Do butterflies throw up on everything?


How do you know when there is no more food in your stomach to throw up?

If there is no food in the stomach, then noting will be able to be thrown up. The person will either dry heave (make attempts to throw up, with no results), or begin to vomit bile, stomach / gastic juices, or blood.

Why do dogs throw up?

Dogs throw up, or regurgitate, to remove something objectionable from their stomach. This could be anything from a noxious or toxic substance to simply too much food at one time. Dogs also throw up when they are sick and their stomach is irritated.

What can you do for your dogs sensitive stomach she seems to throw up easily?

Dogs throw up by eating grass. Everyone knows that!!!