If you throw your emotionally abusive partner out of the home and he leaves you alone after 9 weeks does this mean he was an abuser after all?

I don't always buy the fact that some people are labeled emotional abusers. We are all at fault for "losing it" or yelling when we've had a bad day. That is not abusive behavior. I've done it myself on occasion, but the difference in, when you lose it you should apologize and take the blame for your behavior. If he belittled you all the time and was never there for you then this is classified as mental abuse. You threw your partner out of the house and he's taken you at your word so I don't know why you are so surprised he hasn't come back. Perhaps both of you know you just aren't meant for each other. You sound like you are having second thoughts and my instincts tell me this isn't the first time you've kicked him out, but this time he didn't come back as you anticipated. A human can only be cornered so many times and then they just get plain fed up. It's time to move on. =answer= He's probably figured out that you are on to him and he can't get anymore supply. Good for you! Stick to your guns girl. If you let 'em go and they don't come back, it ain't meant to be anyhow. Your self respect is most important. He can't mess with that!