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If you told a guy you liked him when you were 14 and he said he wasn't interested and you still like him 12 years later should you tell him again?

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2006-10-04 21:35:54

Does he go out of his way to talk or flirt with you? Or does he

treat you the same way he always has? A surefire way to find out

his feelings are to ask him out for coffee or a bite to eat. If he

hedges and gives vague promises about setting up a later time to go

out, "I'll call you," you'll have your answer. Don't tell him you

have a crush on him. If he turns you down, chalk it up to one of

life's experiences, and the fact that you two probably wouldn't

have been compatible anyway. It may be that you're so wrapped up in

your crush for this guy----who has flaws like every other breathing

person--that you've let a lot of other opportunities with other

guys slide past. Try limiting your contact with this guy and start

meeting other people who will interested in dating you.

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