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If you told your spouse that it was a mistake that you married them would it be best for them to move on?



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of course they should move on and you should too! that is a harsh thing to say because it means that they should have married someone else! I bet you know who that someone else is too! darn shame because why did they pretend to love you when they really loved that other someone! I told a former spouse that once and he still has not gotten over it but it was the truth. truth hurts! I divorced my first husband to marry him and it was a mistake, but truth be told I loved my second husband far more but he was a hoe and the first husband never cheated on me that is why I said it to piss him off. first husband, good provider, second husband, sex good and more attentive. I just hope this person sees the good qualities in you instead of trying to hurt you! I am not with either of them because it was for the wrong reasons, but actually how do you get all of the good qualities in one man? you might need 2?