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You can mix some baking soda and some white vinegar and scrub the mark but BE CAREFUL. Wear rubber gloves and eye protection as this mixture creates a type of acid that bubbles. It works well on ceramic tile for coffee stains or for cleaning drains so I think it might help with the drak marks on your tub.

2006-07-14 22:36:58
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Does the kohler clean coat on shower doors work?


How should one clean glass shower doors?

One can clean shower glass doors using a few tools: Vinegar (inside of a spray bottle), paper towels, and a squeegee. Start out by turning the shower water on hot for a few minutes, to loosen the soap scum. Spray the doors with vinegar, squeegee, and clean up any left over smudges with the paper towels.

What is the easiest way to clean shower doors?

The easiest way to clean shower doors is to have someone else do it! But assuming you're asking because you're going to clean them yourself, then the easiest way depends on how dirty the shower doors are. If they're not dirty yet, then help prevent soap scum and grime from building up in the first place, by squeegeeing the shower doors after every use. If they're already very dirty, with a substantial buildup of soap scum and grime, then scrub with some dish soap and baking soda on a damp nylon scrubbing pad and rinse well.

What products can help prevent water spots on my shower doors?

There are water spots on my shower doors. Are there products available to help prevent getting water spots on my shower doors?

How to clean tempered shower doors?

Wipe off the solution with paper towels. The sprayed mixture will remove hard water stains and soap scum.

How do you clean around shower doors?

To clean around a shower door, the best cleaner is one that will cut through hard water film and soap scum. A few drops of a grease-cutting dishwashing liquid mixed in a sink full of hot water is a very effective solution. Soak and wring out microfiber cloths to clean the door. An old toothbrush will clean cracks and crevices. Rinse the door and wipe the frame of the door with clean cloths to finish up and prevent water spots. To clean the track in older double shower doors, pour hydrogen peroxide in the track on both sides and let it work. The residue can be sprayed out with a detachable shower head (place folded towels on the floor first), or wiped clean with wet, wrung out microfiber towels.

What is better shower curtain or shower doors?

Shower door costs more but more durable and better for resale.

How do you clean a frosted glass door?

If you have frosted/etched shower doors, don't EVER use CLR on them. It leaves white thick streaks that are not coming off with cleaner.

How do you get cleaning residue off glass shower doors?

Windex glass cleaner will clean all types of dirt and and residue from your glass shower door. You can find Windex in Walmart, Target, online and many other stores. Hope that helps!

What can you use for cleaning the hard water spot on the glass shower door?

Greased Lightning.White vinegar has been tried and tested as a method to remove hard water spots from shower doors. See the step by step method below...Natural Formula to Use:Pure white vinegarMethod to Use:1.Fill a clean spray bottle with pure vinegar2.Spray the vinegar freely over the shower door and wait for a few minutes3.If stains are stubborn spray more vinegar and wait a while longer4.Scrub lightly with a soft sponge or cloth and rinseorInexpensive toothpaste works great to clean shower doors, the least expensive brand you can find will work. Squeeze it out of the tube and work it onto the shower doors with a scrubbing style sponge, fully rinse to finish. Sparkling shower doors is the end result!

Does Home Depot sell glass shower doors?

"Yes. Like most stores that sell bathroom fixtures, Home Depot sells glass shower doors, in addition to other accessories, such as soap trays, shower curtains and faucets."

What compound word ends with doors?

Examples of compound words that end with 'doors' are:indoorsoutdoorsrevolving doorsgarage doorsnegative pressure doors (used to prevent cross contamination)swinging doorsshower doorswooden doors

What is the best way to clean glass shower doors?

Try a toilet bowl cleaner. Sounds weird, but it works. Answer I used "the Works" Tub & Shower Cleaner. Just drip down shower door and go over with a sponge. I did not need to scrub. Works very well. Important to read back label.

Why are shower doors often translucent or opaque instead of transparent?


Where can you purchase shower doors?

There are a number of places you could buy shower doors. If you want to order online you could look at Overstock. If you'd prefer to go to the store, you could try Home Depot.

How do you convert a tub to a shower stall?

To convert a tub into a shower buy doors set them in and level them. then caulk the bottom piece of the door frame. buy a shower head and install a faucet to the shower head

What is a building material that starts with the letter s?

· screen doors · screws · security system · shingles for roof · shower doors · shower rods & heads · shutters for windows · siding · sink · skylights · smoke alarm · solar panels · storm doors · stucco · sump pump

What to clean white wood doors with?

With vinegar

Cleaning shower glass doors?

Cleaning soap scum off of a glass shower door can proove to be very difficult. This is due to the fact that soap scum can easily build up and become very resilent to removal. The best product to clean this soap scum is the product CLR.

Does Home Depot have a good selection of Shower Doors for a new home?

yes, very, because they have almost like 3 whole aisles just for shower doors and a whole section for toilets and sinks and bathroom stuff.

Are vinyl garage doors difficult to clean?

No they are no to hard to clean. You can use a presure washer.

Modern bathroom fixtures names?

bathroom fixtures names are bathtubs, toilets, vanity tops, sinks, faucets, lavatories, lavs, faucets, shower valves, shower heads, shower doors.

What are the function of soot doors?

soot doors is provide to clean the outside of the water tubes and to remove the soot.

Can you wax clean shower doors?

If your shower door is glass or plastic I would use some lime away and scotch brite.I would just buy the knock off brand sold at most dollar stores and apply and scrub away and then rinse with water.I then would dry the doors and to protect them I seriously suggest buying Rain x in the aerosol can to add a line of defense.In short get the door or door's really clean and dry them.Then apply the said product as the aerosol version of rain x is Far superior.Just spray on and wait a minute and wipe off with paper towels.This will make the water bead, preventing water spotting and soapy buildup.I use this on a weekly basis and my now 3yr old shower doors are still like new!! This keeps the glass or plastic from building a film and I suggest wiping your door or doors down dry after every shower or tub use as this reduces any film and water spotting over time.I am a clean fanatic and this works very effectively on shower tile and your tub and will not harm the tile or tub.The key is clean the area fully prior to applying the rain x aerosol sold like at wal-art and the cheapest in the automotive area of the store.You will will be very satisfied with the results and soap scum build up or dulling of the tile,doors and tub will go away!!!!!

What is the best product to clean a shower or bathtub?

I really like the product Clean Shower. We spray the shower walls and sliding doors after each use and never have soap scum build-up. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works well in the tub area. Good luck! I just resolved that problem and my acrylic shower has never been more clean and white or had more shine! I mixed a little BIZ laundry powder (I've heard OxyClean too) with some liquid dish detergent (Dawn) and water and sprayed it on and let it sit. I then used a dryer sheet to wipe it out. I found this answer when I was searching for a good, safe cleaner for plastic and it is the best tub cleaner I have ever used and cheap too!