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Absolutely. More and more universities recognize that homeschoolers are a great asset to their institution. Many universities have specific procedures for handling homeschool applications. Some homeschoolers attend community college in high school and can use those transcripts as proof of ability or even to receive college credit. Homeschoolers have been accepted into every prestigious university in the US.

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Q: If you took homeschool is their any way you could get into a collage?
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Can a teacher homeschool you?

It depends on the state. In Florida, any adult can homeschool the child with the parent or guardian's consent.

Are there any government grant programs for parents that homeschool their kids?

absolutely not. Education is a requirement a it private, public or homeschool. Parents do not get paid or funded to homeschool their children nor are their any tax break for homeschoolers.

What collage should you go to be a teacher?

any collage you want

Can you have classmates in homeschooling?

Yes, you have your brothers and sisters. You also have any of your friends that homeschool. They can have classes with you. There are also homeschool groups that get together.

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Can you homeschool for A level examination?

Yes, you can homeschool for any standard examination, although many homeschoolers do not choose to follow mainstream examinations and tests.

Do I need homeschool software?

There is no need on any specific software to be a homeschool student. here are what you have to do to start homeschooling.

Can you join the navy with homeschool degree?

Yup! For almost any college or organization, a homeschool high school diploma is just as good as one from a public or private school.

Where can I find a homeschool calender online? in my opinion, a good website to find a homeschool online. It offers places to schedule in vacations and holidays. It also allows you to access your schooling from any computer at any time!

Is homeschool high School Diploma Accredited?

No. A homeschool high school diploma earned even after meeting all required courses by your state would not be accredited. If you have accreditation that means you have some institution that has examined your program and has deemed it worthy of their mark or name. So no, a homeschool does not carry any accreditation by any institution.

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