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It will stay until you shave your head Hair holds evidence of drugs far longer than your blood and urine. I can guarantee you that if they took a hair sample from you now (after 30 days) it would show up. Good Luck!

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Q: If you took two hits from a marijuana stick 30 days ago how much will it show up in your hair?
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How long does 2 hits of marijuana show?

30-60 days it stays in the fat and hair cells.

Can you pass a hair follicle test if you took four hits of marijuana about a month ago?

No, it stays in the hair longer than 30 days.

If you smoked marijuana once 52 days ago will you pass a hair follicle test?

yes, i just passed a hair folicle test and i did smoke 2 hits about 60 days ago.

Is it possible to pass a hair test if you smoked two hits of marijuana 85 days ago and you have never smoked before?


How long does 3 hits of marijuana stay in body hair?

Just as long as 30 hits do.... it stays in the system up to 30 days and will end up in any body hair grown during that time and will remain in the hair until it is removed from your body.

How long will 4 hits of marijuana stay in system?

3-30 days for a urine test depending on your fat percentage. the bigger you are the longer it stays. hair tests last for around 90 days.

If you smoked 3 hits of marijuana after not smoking for months and you have to take a hair test in 3 days will it show up?

Certainly. Hair tests are very effective, and may even detect drug use from before the period of abstinence.

If you took three hits of marijuana 4 days ago will you pass a drug test?

Definitely not

If I took 4 hits of marijuana 19 days agol and I don't smoke but occasionally will it show up in my drug screen?

The chemical found in marijuana can remain in your system for up to 30 days.

You smoked 2-3 hits of marijauna 45 days ago you have a hair follicle test coming up in 10 days should you be worried?

Yes. Definitely cut your hair. Traces of marijuana stay in your hair the longest out of all the drug tests. The hair test go back up to 90 days. Usually they only go back 3 month and it takes about a half inch of hair for every one month of usage .

Does prune juice flush marijuana out your system?

I took 2 hits of marijuana 21 days ago. I have a drug test tomorrow can prune juice detox me?

If you took 2 hits of marijuana and 3 days later had a saliva test donewill it detect?

Most likely not.

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