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If you touch a person you think is attracted to you and he just about faints from your touch is it possible he really likes you more than he has been letting on?


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2005-10-16 04:28:43
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This doesn't always mean that he really really likes you. What it can mean is that he really lusts for you and really wants contact from you. Just because he wants to have physical contact with you doesn't mean that he really cares about you for sure. Be careful with people that really only want to have physical contact. They normally aren't that into the person that you are and are more into what you are physically. If he practically faints...well, I've never seen or heard of that happening. He could be acting it out, or he could just be plain obsessed with you. But be Careful! As you probably already know, human beings are very umpredictable and are quite hard to read at times, so make sure you know what this person is really like before you let anything happen. Hope this helped...Viola.


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Generally only if said person knows the person. Often times a person gets to know a person very well of a non-prefferable gender, and they become attracted to their features as a person, or for what they are on the inside. And sometimes when one has these feelings, they do become physically attracted to this person, but not to women in general.

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There are many signs of someone being attracted to another person. The person will usually try to look at, be with, or touch (such as brush an arm) the person they are attracted to.

No. Whatever that person is attracted too that's what matters!!

You can not help who you are attracted to (I feel you may be confusing attraction with love) but you can control what you do. If the person is straight and you are not, it is unlikely that a relationship will be possible. Therfore be sensible and move on.

Spiritually attracted probably means that there is a spiritual interest (as opposed to say, sexual or mental) in another person.

you can give love to a person by letting them know you are there for them and that they are the most important person to you.

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