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If you travel at 36000 MPH would you go a mile in a second?


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Nope 36000 /60 minutes /60 seconds = 10 miles per second.


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if you're traveling at 10,000,000/second, it would take only 1 second

18 seconds to travel a mile at 200 mph.

There are 3600 seconds in one hour. Therefore, 10 yards per second is equal to 10 x 3600 = 36000 yards per hour. There are 1760 yards in one mile. Therefore, 36000 yards per hour is equal to 36000/1760 = 20.45 recurring (that is, 20.454545...) miles per hour.

Light travels approximately 186,282 miles per second, so it takes about 1/186,282 seconds to travel 1 mile.

Light. Light travels at 186,282 miles per second. Sound travels at about five seconds per mile. i believe it would be 5 miles per second, not seconds per mile No, the first answer was correct. Sound travels at approximately .211 miles per second, or about 4.7 (≈5) seconds per mile.

it would take 1 hour to travel a mile going at 60 mph

One sixtieth of a mile = 88 feet.

It would have been covered by the 3 year, 36000 mile warranty.

a "10 second car" is one that can travel a quarter mile from a dead stop in 10 seconds

The minimum speed you need to go to travel 1 mile in 30 minutes is .5 miles per hour, or 44 feet per second. actually to travel one mile in 60 minutes (one mile per hour),you walk...well,one mile per hour.Therefore to walk the same distance in half the time,you have to double the speed,in this case,2 miles per hour.

5280 ft = 1 mile ⇒ 36000 ft = 36000 ÷ 5280 ft = 69/11 miles ≈ 6.82 miles

It would depend on how fast you were travelling. For a set speed, one mile on the moon would take the same time as one mile on Earth.

3600 feet is 0.681818182 Miles 1 mile = 5280 feet 36000 feet x 1 mile/5280feet =0.6818 miles

36,000 miles is about 57,936.4 km. To convert 36000 miles to km, multiply 36,000 mi*1.609344 km

About 1.47 feet per second for every one mile per hour.

At 60mph you would travel 60 miles in one hour. To travel one mile (1/60 the distance) it would take 1/60 the time.There are 60 minutes to an hour, so at 60mph it will take you 1 minute to travel one mile.

Light travels 186000 miles (approximately) per second So 1 mile will be traveled in 1/186000 seconds. There are 10^12 picoseconds in a second Therefore light will travel 1 mile in (1/186000) x 10^12 picoseconds and that evaluates to 53763440.86 picoseconds

If you go 135 feet in a second, you travel 135*60 feet in a minute:and you would travel 135*60*60 feet in an hour.5280 feet is a mile, so you would travel (135*60*60)/5280 miles per hour(135*60*60)/5280 = 92 mph (rounded)

The Second Mile was created in 1977.

One tenth mile per second.One tenth mile per second.One tenth mile per second.One tenth mile per second.

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