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The same reason a paper towel will not get hot. Microwaves are made to only heat certain particles and I suppose the ant does not have what it takes. I saw a guy on Oprah showing how stuff works.

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โˆ™ 2007-07-24 02:55:31
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Q: If you turn on the microwave when an Ant is in it why would it not die?
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Can an ant die from a bee?

If a bee were to sting an ant, the ant would certainly die. But a bee would usually have no reason to sting an ant.

What if ant ecosystem failed?

ant eaters would die and every thing else will die

Would ants survive in a microwave oven?

No, they would die fairly quickly if the microwave was turned on.

What would happen if you step on a ant?

If you stepped on an ant, YOU SHOULD GO DIE!

What would the ant do if their queen is missing?

the ants would die...

If an ant fell from an airplane in the sky would it die from impact to the ground?

Probably not , an ant lacks mass .

Would an Ant die from a fall of the Empire State building?


Can you eat the honey from a honey ant?

No cause you would die.

Does a carpenter ant have a queen ant?

yes becase if they did not they would all die out with no eggs becase if a worker ant laid an egg a male would come out go on a mateing flyet and find no mate

Would you die if you ate an ant and you didn't crunch it up enough and it bit you somewhere inside of you?

You could die because ant bites effect the heart rate.

If a tree were to fall on a passing ant do you think the ant would die?

No, no it would not, ants are too small, they would hide under the dirt, all another source of protection.

Do ants die when they sting?

It depends on the type of ant. The queen ant can sting multiple times, but the queen ant will not die.

Can an ant die if you drop it?

A worker ant cannot fall at a fast enough speed to kill it because the air would slow it down. A queen ant has a large abdomen and would probably be fatally injured by a fall because it would fall faster than a worker ant and the impact would likely rupture its abdomen.

What would happen to the ant colony living on an acacia tree if that tree was chopped down?

they would die

What if an ant drank a drop of beer and then ate sugar?

it would probly die after the beer

Who would win 5 lions vs 2 tigers vs 10 crocodiles vs 1 ant?

10 crocidiles

Can you die if you get stung by an ant?

you can't get stung by an ant, only bitten! You should be okay if you get bitten by an ant

Are ants ok in the house and will they die off quick?

Ants are not good to have in the house. We have an ant problem in my house, and I would suggest using ant killer powder.

Is a queen ant important in an antfarm?

Without a queen ant there is no ant farm. The ant farm will die out in a few weeks without one.

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No. Adam Ant is still very much alive!

What do you get when you add an ant eater with a giant killer ant?

An ironic way to die.

How did an ant die?

your mom sat on it

What will happens to ant when flood?

it will die