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No, it will only disable the lockup feature of the torque converter. The TCC locks the car into gear at higher speeds, as if it were a manual transmission, to eliminate slippage and save gasoline.

I tottaly agree.Less gas mileage Without lock in,the engine will be running a hirer RPM'S

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Q: If you unhook the TCC Solenoid on a 1993 Z-24 Cavalier transmission and leave it unhooked will it do any damage?
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What will a bad transmission solenoid do?

A bad transmission solenoid will cause hard shifting and can eventually damage the unit. You should change the solenoid if it is bad.

Can 94 Z28 6spd std transmission be towed behind MH without doing damage?

no you must take driveshaft loose and tie it up. but do not remove or you will loose all trans fluid. if driveshaft not unhooked trams damage will happen

Will disconnecting the tcc solenoid and leaving it disconnected damage the tranny?

You will get lower gas mileage. The tcc solenoid locks up the transmission to get better gas mileage at higher speeds. I suppose it will wear the transmission slightly faster as well, but the main effect is lower gas mileage.

Motor mount 1997 Chevy Cavalier?

The 1997 Cavalier has two motor mounts, as well as a transmission mount. If the mounts are broken the motor can move around and cause damage to components under the hood.

Where is the torque converter control solenoid located on 2001 jeep Cherokee?

your torque converter solenoid is located in the valve body of the transmission. you have to drop the pan on the tranny but you really better know what your doing or you can do alot of damage

Why does a Chevrolet Cavalier transmission not shift and only goes 30 mph and then starts losing speed and acting like its in neutral?

There could be an internal problem with the transmission. Check the transmission fluid for a burnt smell or odd color, indicating transmission damage.

What are Torque converter clutch solenoid circuit symptoms in a 1997 Neon?

YOu probably won't notice any symptoms, which is why it triggers the check engine light. This solenoid acts to slow down your torgue converter when you deccelerate from high speeds to a stop, such as when you exit the highway. Failure of this curcuit COULD potentially damage your transmission which is why you need to know about it. The solenoid is attached to the valve body inside your transmission.

Where is the shift solenoid on 2000 GMC sierra?

Shift solenoids are located on the rear of the valve body inside the transmission oil pan.If you are not careful removing the pan you can damage them.

What can be Transmission problem with 1997 Audi a6?

Reasons behind the the common transmission problem of 1997 Audi A6 are:Faulty torque converter clutchTorque converter needle bearings failureUnsafe level of transmission fluidSolenoid damage can affect the fluid flow through the transmission

Will low transmission fluid damage the transmission?

Yes, it can.

What would cause your van to go in limp mode 2 days after it overheated?

Possible transmission damage due to the overheating.Possible transmission damage due to the overheating.

Can a bad torque converter damage your transmission?

No a bad convrter can not damage your transmission however it will make your vehicale run rough

How do you check the transmission fluid on a 1993 Chevy Cavalier?

For a Cavalier, you have to turn her on for a few minutes to warm up the fluid. Then use the dip-stick on the transmission fluid input. May I add that it takes 10 miles of driving to get the transmission up to operating temperture. Check the fluid level accordint to instructions in the owners manual. Sometimes this is hot in park, cold in park, depends on the vehicle. Make sure the vehicle is sitting on a level surface. Do not overfill as this can damage seals.

Can damage occur when Slowing down with an automatic transmission in snow conditions by down shifting?

No,it does not do any damage to the engine or the drive-train of the vehicle with an automatic transmission

How do you fix Chrysler code P0730 incorrect gear ratio do I need to go to a dealership?

You have a problem with your transmission. The transmission is trying to shift to a lower gear than necessary. Check the transmission fluid first and if it is low add the correct transmission fluid. Do not Overfill. If this does not solve the problem than the transmission fluid may need to be changed or you may have another problem within the transmission. Can be a bad shift solenoid or a problem with the hydraulic control unit. You need to take it to a Chrysler dealership or to a trusted transmission specialist for service. Do not neglect this or serious damage may be done to the transmission if you continue to drive it.

Can gasoline damage your automatic transmission?

Best & easiest way to destroy a transmission- atuomatic or manual

How could a penny damage an automatic transmission?

it cant

What if you pour a gallon or more of antifreeze into the transmission what will happen?

who does that? Have the transmission drained immediately Any other liquids will severely damage the transmission.

What if your 1991 infiniti is stuck in 3rd gear what could be the problem?

manual or automatic? if a manual a broken or damaged shift fork could be the issue or a clutch not releasing, running or not when trying to shift? if it's automatic, a shift solenoid or a transmission servo may be sticking or mechanical damage may be present such as a clutch pack or drum damage.

What would happen if you have extra transmission oil?

There is no such thing as "transmission oil" there is only transmission fluid, but but over filling the reservoir could cause serious damage to your transmission..

Is the over the counter transmission additives really work and will in damage transmission?

by replacing the bad gasket / seal

Will the ignition coil get damage if unplug it while the motor is running. 2002 Chevy Cavalier.?

Unplugging the coil wire and not grounding it, yes that can damage the coil.

Can the wrong transmission fluid damage your transmission and how will it damage it?

Yes it can and will. Using the wrong transmission fluid for your vehicle will most likely blow your seals. If you put a heavier fluid than required it can break the aluminum flaps that control fluid movement.

Does a damaged torque converter do more damage to the transmission?

It could.

How far can you tow an all wheel drive Towne and Country van before damage occurs to the transmission?

Any distance at all towing an all wheel drive van can damage the transmission.