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If you use a wireless internet card do you still use an ISP such as MSN?

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Yes. Just having access to the Web does not mean that you can do anything on it. An internet Service Provider is your gateway to the Web, wherever you are, if you have a good provider.

2006-08-14 03:46:45
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Q: If you use a wireless internet card do you still use an ISP such as MSN?
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How do you upgrade your desktop PC to use wireless Internet?

With a wireless network card, you will also need a wireless router, contact your current ISP to upgrade.

What do you do if you want wireless Internet for your xbox?

Contact a internet service provider(ISP) and check 4 their wireless internet plan.

what is the cheapest wireless USB broadband service provider?

Cheapest wireless internet ISP is IVC Telecom

How can you make sure you're on WiFi and not service provide internet?

Even if you have a wireless network you still need your ISP. Your wireless router/modem are whatever you use, still has to connect to a jack on the wallw which has cable into your wall which, in turn, goes to the Internet. Your ISP is the only people who can supply you with that. ISP is the ones who hook up the wiring in your house to the telephone lines outside which goes to the Internet through them. Hope this helps.

What is wireless internet isp?

The definition if a wireless internet ISP is your Internet Service Provider. Which can relate to many different companies. Some examples are Bell and Rogers.

What is wireless broadband internet service?

Cable or DSL internet services from a reliable ISP such as IVC Telecom

How do I become a wireless internet service provider at my business?

An individual can not provide their own wireless internet. You need to go through an established ISP to get internet service.

What kind of companies offer wireless Internet Service?

The ability for internet service to be wireless is provided by the router. This is not provided by the ISP company. Any major company has the ability to let you turn your internet into wireless.

Wireless Internet ISP ?

form_title= Wireless Internet ISP form_header= Ensure secured connections with an ISP. How many users will need to be connected to the internet?* {10, 20, 30, 40, 50, More than 50} Are you dissatisfied with your current internet connection?*= () Yes () No () Not Sure Who is your current internet provider?*= _ [50] Are you willing to sign at least a one year contract?*= () Yes () No () Not Sure

Do you need wireless LAN for wireless internet from your isp?

Yes, you do. Even if you are going to have only one computer connected wiressly you need to have a wireless router for that.

Where can I find information about wireless internet providers in southeast Idaho? and will both offer information on wireless internet providers in southeast Idaho. You can go to The website has a Map of Idaho Wireless ISP Broadband Wireless Internet Coverage Areas

Do you need to remove the wireless card from laptop when going out of state?

No, if it's yours or it came with the computer then it stays in your computer. The wireless card is usable in any state in the country. Pretty much most county's. Your thinking too hard. The wireless signal works with any wireless router that is compatible with your card. If you move to another state then it will work with the wireless modem/router the ISP supplies to you when you buy your next internet.

If you have wireless internet is wi-fi free?

Wi-Fi is free, and is no extra charge from your ISP. However, the actual internet itself that is coming from the modem is a monthly bill from your ISP.

Who is the best provider for wireless internet for laptops?

Wireless Internet service is intended for use by PC, Mac, laptops. A particular device does not respond better to one ISP over another. The ISP you choose should be one that gives the speed and reliability you need.

What devices are needed to create a wireless network?

You need a wireless access point (WAP), a wireless router is the best choice. You need computers with wireless networking adapters. And you need a "wired" connection to the internet for the router to plug into. What most people do not realize is that yes, it is wireless in the house, but, it still needs to be connected to a wired connection to your ISP who, in turn, gives you access to the Internet. Most people are able to install it themselves but your ISP will install it if you are more comfortable with that. you need a wireless network router and a device that is wi-fi enabled

Whats the most common wireless internet access?

The most common wireless internet access is Comcast. They have millions of customers. Their internet is great. The internet is very fast and there are no limits.

Is wireless Internet slow?

Depends on how close you are to the wireless router, the speed of your computer, and your isp. Usually it is faster than wired, unless you have dsl.

How do you connect your xbox to the internet?

There are two ways to connect your Xbox to the internet. First is using a wireless connection if you have a wireless router, ISP and wireless USB for your Xbox. Check tehnetwork setting make sure to set it to wireless mode to detect your access point and connect and enter the right password if there is. Second, you still need ISP and ethernet cord. You connect the XBox to your pc to share internet access. Set up the network connections by choosing LAN connection and bridge the connection. Hope this help.

I have cable for main computer.How do I get internet to my laptop.?

Subscribe to an ISP for internet such as IVC Telecom and then connect your laptop to the modem with an ethernet cable or connect wirelessly using wifi, assuming your laptop has a wireless network card.

Why does the Wireless internet connects but the page will not display?

Most likely you just have connection with your router but the router does not have connection with ISP. You need to read instructions for your modem how to connect to ISP.

What are the names of wireless Internet providers?

Go to this site and enter your phone number to find out what ISP serve your area: Once you have arranged for Internet access, you can purchase a wireless router for your home.

How do you get wireless internet connection?

To get a wireless internet connection, you first need to register with an ISP and they will install the infrastructure in your house or workplace. They usually have it through fiber or WiMAX to router connections. The router disperses the wireless signal within the home.

How should I get wireless internet service?

You will want to contact Qwest or an ISP that you know is going to give you a good rate. Qwest will set you up with a router to receive the wireless service. Each computer you want to hook up to the network must have a wireless card or adapter, but that's all you need!

What is a wireless modem?

A wireless modem is a modem which connects to a wireless network instead of to the telephone system. When you connect with a wireless modem, you are attached directly to your wireless ISP (Internet Service Provider) and you can then access the Internet. Basically it's another type of modem that lets you connect to the Internet anywhere in your home or workplace without using a wire/cable! Cool!

whagt is a good c heap wireless isp in sultan,wa, 98294?

What is a good, cheap, wireless isp in 98294