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If you use coke will you lose weight?

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If by coke you mean cocaine, then it might distract you from eating to the point of weight loss. But becoming addicted to an illegal drug is probably worse than being fat.

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Yes it does help you lose weight there is a lot of calories and sugars in it

Cocaine does not in of itself cause you to lose weight, however it is an incredibly strong appetite suppressant.

There are 10 sugar cubes in a Coke. The sugar content increases the larger the Coke size. Coke and soda like this are an easy way to lose weight.

How do you lose weight using super nos pump

On my weight watchers cheat sheet it says 4 but if u use diet coke its only 2 points

no it just has less sugar. It will not make you any slimer

Yeah, you can use nuts to lose your weight because it's good weight loss diet.

"BSN online can help you lose weight. You will need to follow their program and use their products if you want to see results. If you use it daily, and have a good diet, you will see the weight lose."

You will experience weight gain if you consume more calories than you use. You will lose weight if you consume less calories than you use.

If you eat more calories than you use you will potentially gain weight. If you eat less than you use you will potentially lose weight. If you eat the same as you use your weight should remain stable.

They are things that you use to lose weight.

Celebrities lose weight in various ways. They use personal trainers to help them throughout the process or even use medical ways such as liposuction.

Usually people who use meth will lose weight due to the few symptoms. The lack of appetite and lack of sleep are key symptoms

Same way you lose weight any time, by eating fewer calories than you use up.

Not necessarily. To lose weight you must use, or burn, more calories than you take in.

That depends on the Coke itself.

Of course, but its not best option. You can also use other options which are more beneficial for you to lose your weight permanently.

Yes if you use it every day but you can gain some to in the way of muscle it will help you lose fat.

Such drastic measures are not generally recommended. Proper exercise with diet management will help you to lose weight. Exercise is not a good way to lose the weight. You can go for GM diet to lose the weight.

i don't recommend you try to lose weight the 'unhealthy' way but if you wish to do so then try drinking things like coke zero for breakfast and mini things like an apple for dinner. basically don't eat:)

If you boil a coke, it will get hot and explode. If the coke container is open, it will get hot and lose all of its carbonation bubbles.

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