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If you are going for a Victorian look in a new or newer home, and you have the ability to change out or purchase the woodwork and trim, then go to a reliable home building centre and get wide wood trim, ask the people in millwork (that's their department) to assist you in the choices, tell them what you are doing and let them know what your budget is. If your budget is limited you can go for the primed fiberboard as a cost saving measure. Be prepared to do a fair amount or work if this is your choice. If however you are lucky enough to have moved into a Victorian home, the trim work will be there, you may most likey need to uncover it. Unfortunately over the years most trim work in the old Victorians have acquired any number of coats of paint and those should be stripped off.

Most trim work of the time was natural wood, usually dark, however lots of oak was not uncommon. That said, you can do a faux-wood finish over the painted (or primed if newly purchased) trim. It isn't easy, but it is well worth the effort. Most good books on paint treatments and faux-finishing will have step by step instructions on how to do this. Your local library or reputable paint retailer will have these for you. As a "fast and dirty" solution a dark tone (something picked up from other colours in the room) or a dark-ish brown tone, about the colour of mahogany will pass.

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Q: If you want a Victorian theme what type of finish should you use on your woodwork and trim?
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