If you want a flat stomach to look good in an outfit you are wearing next month should you just not eat until then?

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the right way

The short answer is, no. Crash diets will cause you to lose

large amounts of weight in the short term. Much of the weight you

lose will be water and muscle. But here's how the typical cycle

goes: crash diet while exercising, lose lots of weight. Then, in a

couple of months, you get tired of starving yourself and you start

eating again, and often stop exercising because you have no energy.

Meanwhile, because you have starved yourself, your metabolism is

drastically reduced and your body is primed to store all the fat

you eat. Resumed eating, combined with a lowered metabolism and no

"exercise">exercise leads to weight gain. Often you gain more

than you lost, meaning you could lose 20 pounds in a month and

regain 40 by next swimsuit season. Not where you want to be next

spring! Here is a better, longer lasting solution. Reduce your

calorie intake by 500 calories a day, but don't drop below 1500

total calories. Read your food labels and be honest and accurate

about everything you put in your mouth that has calories. Start

with cutting liquid calories such as pop and beer, and replace it

with water. Add exercise that will burn 500 calories, and you will

create a 1000 daily calorie deficit. This will add up to about 2

pounds of fat loss per week. Any more than that, and your probably

dropping water and muscle. Make sure strength training is part of

your regimen; that will do wonders for your metabolism. Consider

investing some money in a reputable personal trainer. By keeping up

this routine, you will be in even better shape when next spring

rolls around. Good luck!

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