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If you want put a turbo into your Proton M21 what do you have to do?


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2011-09-12 22:22:33
2011-09-12 22:22:33

Go to and they have turbo kits for the M21.

The engine in your car is the same engine that comes with a turbocharger in Mitsubishi cars, so everything will bolt right up. The main difference is, your engine has higher compression, so if you were to buy a stock Mitsubishi turbo kit (used or new) to install on your engine, you'd have to either buy an aftermarket intercooler or get used to buying 94+ octane gas... The upside will be, if you buy an intercooler, you're motor will have a much higher horsepower rating than the same turbo engine in a stock Mitsubishi due to your higher compression.

If you do not use an intercooler I promise you that detonation will destroy your engine!

Have fun!


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