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Yes. I just photographed some of my stepmother's beaded jewelry (close ups), photoshopped the image and she was able to print it through snapfish as a 20 x 30 without any problem. She had taken it to kinko's who said the resolution wasn't high enough (72), but the snapfish print came out clear as ever! My camera is a 5.0 so I am sure that an 8 will be more than enough. Some things to keep in mind: make sure your resolution/photoquality is as high as it can be, simply because you will run into less issues this way (but the file will be larger!!) Happy shooting and good luck! ~madigan

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โˆ™ 2006-09-09 05:00:11
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Q: If you want to enlarge a picture to 20x30 is an 8 pixel camera good enough?
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20x30= 600

How many cm is 20x30 inches?

20x30 inches is 600 square inches or 3870.96 square cm

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600=20 * 30

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assuming you mean 20ft by 30ft, you just find the area. To find the area, simply multiply both sides, so 20x30 = 600 sq ft

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How many feet is 20x30?

There are: 20 feet times 30 feet = 600 square feet

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The answer will depend on what units the floor is measured in: 20x30 square inches? sq feet? sq metres? Since you have not bothered to provide that information, I cannot provide a sensible answer. Furthermore, there are various sizes for sheets of plywood as well.

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A Euro Pillow is 26x26 inches, a Queen pillow is normally 20x30.. :)

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600 square feet (20x30=600)

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I think that 23x38=874 because you can split it up like this:(20x30)+(3x8)+(3x30)+(8x20)=874.

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20 in x 30 in is equal to 50.8 cm x 76.2 cm.

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around 300 from a good buyer

What is volume of a 20 cm x 30 cm 40 cm rectangular box?

24,000 cu cm 20x30=600 600x40=24,000

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Square is simply multiplying the length times the width. An example: A room is 20 feet long and 30 feet wide. Multiply 20x30=600 square feet.

How many inches in 20x30 square?

This question beggars belief! To start with, 20x30 cannot be a square. The length and width of a square are the same. Second, there are no units associated with the dimensions of the rectangle (if rectangle it is). 20 in * 30 in, 20 ft * 30 ft, 20 miles * 30 miles? Third, inches is a measure of distance whereas 20 * 30 is a measure of area. The two things have different dimensions and measure different things. There is no simple way to convert from one to the other.

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You need more information. But, let's assume the pool is 8 feet deep at the deep end and 3 feet at the shallow end. If the pool is rectangular, the total volume will be 28,798 gallons of water.

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First, find out how many square feet are in the room. 20 X 30 = 600 Then, a square yard is equal to three square feet so divide the square feet by three. 600 / 3 = 200 The answer is 200 square yards. You are welcome.

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In the case I would first write ALL factors of 600 and find the differences. 1x600 2x300 3x200 4x150 5x120 6x100 8x75 10x60 12x50 15x40 20x30 24x25 The one that subtracts to give the answer is -20 and 30

How many 16 inch x 16 inch tiles fit in a 20 foot x 30 foot patio?

first put both in terms of the same mesurment. tiles in inches, patio in inches. patio is 240 by 360 inches. how many tiles will fit in the 240 inch measurement? 15 how many tiles will fit in the 360 inch measurement? 22.2 so you call it 23. 23X15=345 tiles you will need in a 20x30 area.

How many inches is 20x30 cm?

The answer is 236.22 inches (approx.). Inches and centimeters are both units of linear measurement. Inches are used in the imperial system whereas centimeters are used in the metric system. To convert from cm to inches, multiply the cm unit by 0.393701.

What is the surface area of a swimming pool?

To determine your pool's surface area in square feet use the following: Round pools Area = RXR x 3.14 ex if the pool is 24 round take 12x12x3.14 Rectangle Area = LxW so a 20Feet x30Feet Rectangular would be 20x30=600sft SA For those pools which are odd in shape Area =(A+B)xLx.45 A & B being the width in different sections if different in dimensions On the web you can usually find calculators that will do this for you. Pool Safety and Care tips at

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The equation for finding square footage is length x width x height.Once you have that number subtract any large areas you do not intend to paint (windows, doors etc - height x width)Determine if you intend to do one coat or two, (two is recommended so double your area).Generally speaking a gallon of paint will cover approximately 400 square feet. When in doubt, err on the side of caution and order a bit more than you need. This will give you the extra you may need for touch-ups or in case of a minor spill or miscalculation.

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No two paintings are alike, even if they were painted by the same artist, and completed the same day. Where they were displayed and how they were treated are huge factors on their present condition. That is why there is no simple answer to that question. Size, condition, age are some of the factors that increase the cost of conservation. They can be as low as $200, which is often the minimum charge, and as high or even higher than $100,000 for paintings of significant historic value. Conservators fees are all over the map. They can be as low as $80 per hour or as high as $400.00 per hour. For a treatment on a 19th century 20x30 inch painting that can take 50 hours, you do the math!