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Can you use roller rockers with a flat tappet cam?

Yes, just make sure you get the correct length pushrods.

OB pushrod length for 440?

9.31 for non adjustable rockers

What happens if you mix up the pushrods when assembling a Chevrolet 350 engine rebuild?

Nothing. They are all the same length

What happens if you mix up the pushrods when assembling a chev 350 engine rebuild?

They are all the same length. It is not necessary to put them back in the same spot.

Is length an example of chemical property?

Length is a physical property.

How do you find the volume of a cube if the length is in?

Multiply its length three times as for example length*length*length will give you the answer in cubic inches

Who makes replacement rocker panels for ford expedition?

No one makes panels for the 1st gen. You'll have to buy the F150 super crew rockers and trim the length off the back.

How can find the length of a string in java without using fun?

Use length() method. Example: "java".length();

What is a example for SI unit of length?


Length is an example of what?

A "dimension" or category of measurement.

What is minimum distance to install two fans in the same room?

That depends on the length of the blades on the fan.

What is preimeter?

It is the total length "outline" of a figure. For example, the total length of the outline of a square, its perimeter, is the total length of the four sides of the square.

What is an example of a kilometer?

About the length of 11 football fields

What is an example of a base quantity?

length, mass, time

What is an example of universal gravitational force?

The length of the year.

Which is length width height?

They can be the dimensions for example of a box

What is the difference between 1 foot and 1 square foot?

A foot measures length, a square foot or ft2 measures example of length: _________________an example of area:

What is the definition of actual length?

When referring to the actual length, this means accurate. For example: I may guess the length of a mattress at 300CM, but unless I measure it, I won't know the actual length.

Length in a sentence?

The word "length" is the noun form of the word "long." An example of a sentence using the word "length" is "The box has a width of 2 feet and a length of 7 feet."

How can you tell if an equation is dimensionally correct?

You do the calculations, not with actual numbers, but with dimensions. For example, [length] + [length] = [length], [length] x [length] = [length]2, square root of [time]4 = [time]2, etc. In the final result, left and right of the equation have to be equal. For more information, search about dimensional analysis (for example, the Wikipedia article on dimensional analysis might help).

What are two classifications of quantitative data?

Length and weight, for example.

What is an example of a wave that has a long wave length?

a lion's roar

What is an example for metric in English measures?

For example, the meter is the standard unit of length; it is equivalent to about 3.28 feet.

What if the ac 5 ton unit is install what it will cost four the piping?

$1200 to $1500 depending on the length of run

What are the example of direct proportion?

Length in metres and length in feet. Speed and distance travelled in a fixed amount of time at that speed.

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