If you want to melt a glass rod faster which of the region of the burner will you use?


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The flame should have two cones when it is hottest. The inner cone will melt the glass faster as it burnes at a higher temperature.

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it would melt faster in a glass container faster.

glass collects more heat than plastic so yes an icecube can melt more faster on glass than on plastic

the plastic keeps any heat in but the glass conducts is so it can melt fster

Melts faster in glass than in what? Than in metal, no, metal conducts heat better than glass, in a plastic bowl?? It would depend on the container.

Yes, you can melt silver with a Bunsen burner. In fact, you can melt any metal using a Bunsen burner, just so long as you have the patience and time! Ribbit! xoxoxoxoxox

Ice would melt faster in a glass cup because the heat transfer is greatest with glass out of these three materials. Glass is quite a good conductor of heat, plastic is much poorer and styrofoam even poorer still.

well... it depends how hot/cold it is.

Although glass is a decent insulator, plastic makes a better thermal insulator. Ice should therefore melt (absorb heat) faster in a glass container than in a plastic one.

Becasue the burner only gets so hot - and the melting point of the pot is higher than the burner can get!!!!!! Say a burner will get to 750 degrees - but the melting point of most pots is 1600 degrees - so a 750 degree source - cannot melt an object that begins to melt at 1600 degrees!

Salt will melt ice faster.

Ice cream will melt faster than yogurt, as yogurt does not melt.

salt helps it melt faster!!!!!

the sun will melt the ice faster cause it is warm.

yes ice cubes do melt faster with different objects in it like hoter objrcts will melt it faster tho

No, an ice cube doesn't melt faster in soil.

no. the water only smooths glass. glass needs to be over 1500 °C, or about 2700 °F to melt

A Bunsen burner is made out of metal so the tube it has does not melt when the flame gets very hot.

Once the temperature goes over 0`C. (Bunsen burner)

the reason ice cream melt faster because of the ingredients causing to melt faster! (BTW i just guess)

Ice melt faster in a warmer temperature because the molecules in ice move more freely in a warmer temperature allowing it to melt faster.

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