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This method only works for dogs and other animals with highly developed olfactory senses. the book does not need to be shredded.

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What does c'est lundi sniff means?

C'est lundi => It's monday. Sniff, in French is a interjection to mean the sniffing when crying. It is used, for example, in comic books, to express sadness.

How does captain beatty give montag hints that he is under suspicion?

he send the hound to sniff him out. (when mildred and he are pulling out the books)

Why do dogs sniff all the time?

Dogs sniff all the time because that is how they learn about what is going on around them. They sniff for food, they sniff to find out where their humans are, they sniff other dogs to learn about them.

Where are the crabs on the dog island?

first you have to learn the smell of the crab then sniff it out

The first dog trained to sniff out marijuana was in California and what was its name?


Two books written by Patrick McManus?

Two Books Written by Patrick McManus: 1. Never Sniff a Gift Fish 2. The Night the Bear Ate Goomba

What is the plural of sniff?

The plural of sniff is sniffs.

What does sniff mean in Hebrew?

to sniff (in general) = rikhre'akh (רחרח) to sniff (drugs, cocaine) = hisnif (הסניף)

How do police search for drugs?

Theeey use there eyes ? ANd With Doggies ! they go sniff sniff sniff (:

Why do dogs sniff each othes butts?

Each dog has a different story in their butts. One sniff gives the other dog a lot of information about the other, like where it's been peeing, where it lives, and what not.

Why businesses have to provide accurate and reliable information to public?

Because purple unicorns like to sniff cocaine.

Will there be kaze no stigma season 2?

maybe but first you must sniff a tomato

How do you use the sniff in a sentence?

im sniff everyday

can i sniff water vapor?


Can a dog sniff out narcotics?

Yes, a dog can sniff out narcotics.

How do you spell sniff?

That is the correct spelling of "sniff" (to take a smell).

What is the past tense of sniff?

The past tense of sniff is sniffed.

What is a good sentence for sniff?

I do not want to sniff the smelly boy

How do you use sniff in a sentence?

That bloodhound will sniff out the fugitive's trail.

Dog is sniffling?

Dogs have to sniff, they sniff the ground to see where they can pee or poo or they sniff they're food. There are loads of reasons.

What is i hate you in tongan?

fa'aka laka'alaa *sniff sniff* tut tut

How old is scooter sniff?

scooter sniff is 14 years old.

What is Larry's last name?

Sniff. (As in.... "Hi Larry Sniff my butt.")

Does a dolphin have a strong smell?

Sniff .. Sniff... NOPE (I dont know)

Does jung yong hwa have a girlfriend?

*sniff sniff* unfortunately yes... :'(

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