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With some banks, yes. With others, they will require you to obtain a new loan.

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Where you can see someones all followers on Instagram?

Click on the persons profile. press "Followers'.

If the cosigner on a car loan files bankruptcy what will happen to the other persons credit?

The creditor will seek repayment of the car loan from the cosigner. As long as the cosigner pays, their credit will not be affected. However, if they are unable or unwilling to pay, the debt will be pursued like any other bad debt, and it will affect their credit rating.

What is handling payments?

The processing of one persons transactions by another person or business (such as a bank).

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Which program gives payments to blind or disabled people and to persons age 65 and older?


Can brother have all of his mother's checks when she dies paid into his account?

If you are talking about benefit or pension cheques in the UK then the answer is no. A persons death must be reported to the relevant authorities so that payments can be stopped. You can go to prison for taking a deceased persons payments by not reporting the death.

What does it mean when someone says they are killing themselves over someones outfit?

it means the person is dying to have that other persons outfit.

Why Is a persons name important?

because its who they are and theres a story behind their name.Also because theres always a meaning to someones name.

How can you find out if you are a co-buyer or a cosigner on a car loan and would your name be on the title and registration if you are a cosigner?

Easy, you can check your own credit report OR go to a registries office and do a quick search. A simpler method is to ask the person that is the primary borrower/buyer or call the lender. Either a cosigner or co-buyer can be listed on the title depending upon the agreement made by the persons involved. The title to a vehicle determines ownership, a cosigner generally has no vested interest in the property only the responsibility of the debt.

Is it possible to know about a persons future by simply talking to him?

No, but it is possible to make an educated guess.

Which group of people is not served by Medicare?

persons under age 65 and not eligible for Social Security disability payments

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Payors of dividends and interest do not ordinarily withhold income taxes from those payments. However, persons who do not report that income on their tax returns are subject to "backup withholding" of taxes from those payments.

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There is no legal way to find out a persons license plate number. The police can help find it if there I a valid reason.

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Generally, this information is only available to law-enforcement or other specifically authorized persons and will not be disclosed to you.

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