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No, once sperm has touched the outside air for one reason or another, it generally dies. There is little chance of getting pregnant.

You probably don't even need the antibacterical soap, just regular soap will do fine.

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Semen that contains sperm dries very quickly on the skin. Sperm prefer fluid at a certain pH and temperature. Washing your hands thoroughly removes semen (and sperm) so it is not on your fingers. Remember to use a condom, though, if you have sex.

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Q: If you wash your hands with antibacterial soap after cleaning sperm and then finger your girlfriend can she still get pregnant?
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When you put the finger in your girlfriend vagina can your girlfriend get pregnant?

no you need sperm to geta girl pregnant

Is it possible to get pregnant by placing your finger up the vagina my girlfriend is worried that if i had a sprem on my fingers and placed it up the vagina that it would make her pregnant?

yes it will if you have sperm on your finger so wash before if you are afraid.

If you wipe your hand off and then finger your girlfriend can she still get pregnant?

If there is any residue of sperm on your hand, yes.

Will my girlfriend get pregnant if I penetrate her with a finger that used to have sperm on it?

It depends upon how well you cleaned your finger. Sex has risks, and you have to mature enough to accept those risks if you are going to engage in the sexual activity.

What if you finger your girlfriend after you came in your hands but washed them slightly with just water can she get pregnant?

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yea that would be 9/10 negatives because if you washed your finger with water it most likely rubbed off

If you just fingered your girlfriend and you don't know if there was any semen on your finger She's just about due for a period Could she get pregnant?

It would be very unlikely.

If there is pre-ejaculate in a person's mouth and licks a finger then finger bangs a girl can she get pregnant?

If sperm enters the vagina, you can get pregnant.

A boy put his finger in your vagina can you get pregnant?

If that is all he does then no, you will not get pregnant.

Fingering and pregnancy?

Its Not Bad to Finger while being pregnant and you cant get pregnant if you finger yourself it will just loosin up you vagina.

Will a baby have birth defects if you get pregnant by finger?

You mean by someone inserting a finger wiht semen on it and you got pregnant that way? No it would not.

Can you get pregnant if you stick your finger in your vagina?

no, you can not get pregnant if you stick your finger in your vagina. Unless there is semen on it. then there would be a chance.

Could your girlfriend be pregnant if you got a little bit of pre-ejaculate fluid on your finger but wiped it off then fingered her?

I´m sorry to say so, but yes... it can happen.

Do you finger your girlfriend with the whole of your finger or part of it?

all of it =] depends what she likes

What do you do if you have a infection in your finger?

If you have an infection on your finger start by putting antibacterial ointment and a band aid over the infected area. If it is a severe infection contact your physician you might need antibiotics.

Can a guy put his finger in your vagina and get you pregnant?

No, he cant get you pregnant but if his semen gets in then yeah you can get pregnant from that

Do you get pregnant if you put your finger in your anus?


If you put your finger in your vagina can you be pregnant?

NO! The obnly way you cvan get pregnant is if sperm reaches inside you. So unless you've got a penis for a finger the answer is no!

Can you stick a finger in your girlfriend's anus?

Not a good idea ...

What do you do if your girlfriend is too horny?

either have sex with her or finger her

Can you get pregnant by kissing a guy finger?


Can you get pregnant if you put your finger inside your vagina?


I'm a virgin and boyfriend had his finger right on the opening to my uterus but he never actually went in so if he had pre-ejaculate on his finger can you get pregnant?

You can not become pregnant in this situation.

Your gold ring is turning your finger black could you be pregnant?

no , but if it turns your finger purple you have AIDS

If I slightly touch one of my girlfriend's pubic hairs with my penis can she get pregnant if i finger her shortly after. Also I dont think there was semen or pre-ejaculate since urinated right before.?

No she can not get pregnant if there was not alot of cum, u need just about a teaspoon 2 get her Prgnet.

Can a girl get pregnant if sperm was on finger but was wiped on pants?

Depends on where the finger goes later. If its used to finger the girl it's unlikely but not impossible.

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