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If you wasn't name the executor does that means that you still maintain the ownership of the 13 of the house which you were given by the deceased befoe hisdeath?

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2010-04-19 07:07:48

As long as that property was put in trust, the executor has no

legal right to upset what has been put in that trust. I understand

that the executor is only present to fulfill the wishes of the

deceased and abide by the rules and (your state) laws as to what

needs to be finalized. there are instructions given per state how

to act as executor (personal representative) of an estate. If the

house was given to you and was NOT PUT IN TRUST before the

individual deceased.....I can tell you now... U R SCREWED! I am

sorry to inform you but I am just now dealing with all these issues

as a personal representative for my siblings (7) and our parents

did not put their property in trust. BIG MISTAKE! By right u should

not even be living in the home... I am NOT an attorney, just a

daughter who wants to finalize her parents life estate

respectively. I wish you the best and Please Do Not Assume anything

belongs to you, because you grew up in it or your parents said it

was yours......we r not children after our parents go! Now you may

find the executor to be the Referee or the Enemy!??! Just know not

to take it out on them, they have no choice by the courts of law.

Really I Wish You The Best! Get Informed Legally as I did and you

will get alot of information. I am Sorry for your Loss, Bessie

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