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you wouldn't beable to..

girls shoe sizes go up to 4-4 1/2 then once you need a bigger shoe size you go up to womens shoe sizes starting at size 5.Therefore you wouldn't be able to fit into kid shoes.

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Q: If you wear a size 7 in women's shoes what size would you wear in a girl's shoe?
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Can girls buy supra and krew shoes at Factory 413?

Yes! But you will need to put your shoe size (Womens) into mens

If you wear a size 8 in womens shoes what size shoe would you wear in a boys shoe?

If you wear an 8 in womens shoes you probably where a 6 in mens the tend to differ 1 1/2 to 2 sizes

What is a womens size 7.5 equal in men shoes?

womens shoe size 7.5=mens shoe size 5.5

What is a size 7.5 men's shoes equal in womens size?

womens shoe size 7.5=mens shoe size 5.5

What is a 5 in womens shoe equal to in kids size shoe?

About a 3 in boys shoes.

What is a size 6 womens shoe size converted to girls shoe size?


Where to get shoe polish for womens shoes?

If the place where you bought your shoes doesn't have it, a good shoe repair will. I have found that they often have the different colors, too.

Are Supra Womens Shoes the same style and Shoe as the Mens Shoe?

yes it is it might be a little different.

Would my wife, who is an avid runner, be pleased with womens saucony running shoes?

In my opinion the womens saucony running shoes would be a great shoe for any runner to wear. They look comfy and stylish. They dont seem to be to expensive either.

If you where a 8 shoe in womens what size would you where in a girls?

If your a size 8 in woman's, then your guy shoe size would be 6. This is so because for a woman's size shoe, you subtract your size down by 2 and you get your guy size shoe. Hope I helped!!! thank you you helped a whole lot Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

What is the starting shoe size of puma shoes?

6 1/2 in womens

What kids shoe size is equivalent to a size 6 in womens shoes?