If you weigh 12 stone how can you lose stomach fat fast?

Hi if you are a girl/boy and you want to lose weight and quite fast then all you need to do is go on a diet that myself and my mum made it because i weighed 11 stone and i was 11 and i wanted to lose it so when it was a monday just eat protein then the next day just eat carbahidrates the the next day back to protein and so on and so forth and just keep doing that you will be strong at the start but when you have bin on this diet for about 6-7weeks you will have lost a stone and just keep doing this diet until you get to the weight you like it worked for me and im now 13 and 9 stone

hope this helped :)

good luck !!

Apart from liposuction there's no way to target weight loss, nor any really fast methods either.

You'll have to settle for the ol' fashioned approach of eating less/healthier, exercising more and losing fat slowly and all over, incl. your stomach.