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Q: If you went through a time where you were constantly examining your teeth holding your mouth open for long periods of time now your jaw is starting to ache will the pain go away since you have stopped?
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How should one count your periods cycle from the starting of the periods or ending of the periods?

The starting AND ending of your periods. :)

What is the meaning of intermittent rain?

Intermittent precipitation means it will not be falling constantly but will be "on and off" - there will be periods with precipitation, and periods without.

What does a kennel cough sound like?

like choking and coughing constantly in brief periods

When you get spots does that mean your periods starting?

not actually

Why are her periods starting later and becoming lighter each month?

She is probably starting menapose

Does eating the yolk of the egg has anything to do with the starting of periods in girls?

No, eating the yoke of an egg (or any other animal byproduct) has absolutely nothing at all to do with a girl starting her periods.

What is wrong with holding your pee?

You cause a urine infection if you hold for long periods of time

Is blackish spots before starting periods normal?


What are products used by young girls starting their periods?

U by Kotex.

When you reach puberty how long after are you supposed to start your periods?

If you have not starting having periods, you have not reached puberty (unless you're a guy. In which case, if you do start having periods, see a doctor.)

What is intermittent training?

stopping and starting often and for short periods [= sporadic, occasional]

Do you get brown discharge before starting periods?

Some girls do get brown discharge before starting your period. Not all girls get it though.

How can you prevent well water overflow?

You may have an artesian well. Pipe some of it to a holding tank for periods when you need more.

How do pearl divers adapt their bodies to the ocean?

They adapt to holding their breath for long periods of time and by adapting to high pressure.

What is the starting age for Muslims to pray?

The starting age for Muslims to pray is 10 or 12. For girls it is sometimes when you have what we call 'farz' which is when you start your periods.

What are the periods of the paleozoic era?

Starting with the oldest, they are the: Cambrian, Ordivician, Silurian, Devonian, Carboniferous, and Permian.

Can we get pregnant when not having periods?

Depends. Why aren't you having periods? A period is not necessary for pregnancy. Some women are "constantly" pregnant; that is they get pregnant after each birth before they have a period. (Each period is the result of not getting pregnant.)

Is it normal for a virgin to miss two periods?

Yes, it can be. If you are under stress this can cause missed periods. If you have been sick, on a diet, all of these things can cause missed periods. If you are young and just starting your periods it is common to skip months or to have irregular period. It takes a year or two before a cycle becomes regular.

What are the signe of Impaction Colic in horses?

spending a lot of time on its back, constantly kicking at its stomach, lying down for long periods of time, not staying still

Can you start your period at 12?

You sure can. Many girls are starting their periods earlier than they ever have in the past.

What if your pregnancy signs go away and then 3 days later you get cramps what does that mean?

it couldbe periods starting..

How girls mature?

Girls mature by starting their periods, growing breast, and growing hair on certain places.

Why are your last 2 periods unusually very light and shorter?

Because you get older and your starting to become teenager

Can you explain more clearly how primolut-N can be used to prepone periods?

One tablet three times a day starting three days before expected menses pushes the date of period further than the expected date. If you take the same course, say ten days prior to expected date of periods you will prepone periods. Note -periods begin approximate six days after starting tablets. This is for Primolut-N; contains Norethisterone 5 mg.

What are periods in girls?

It is when a girl goes trough changes in her body. Blood sheds from her vigina and she is starting to become a women.

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