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Yes. If your marriage was legally valid in the country you married in, AND you provide the legal paperwork showing this marriage was valid, AND the US doesn't consider the marriage "onerous", your marriage will be recognized by the US.

"Onerous" in this case are sets of conditions that the US considers too severe to allow for the marriage to be recognized. Things like coersion into marriage, significantly underage partner, inability to give reasonable consent, bygamy/polygamy, incest, etc. The list is not long, and the US will recognized many marriages that no state would otherwise allow (e.g. allow 1st cousins to marry, allow two 17 year olds to marry without parental concent, etc.).

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Q: If you went to Mexico and married your boyfriend would it be legal when you came back to the US?
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Your boyfriend has a wife in Mexico and wants to divorce her would a marriage to him be legal in the States?

Have him get a divorce. Don't marry a who is already married. It is going to be trouble for you.

Is your marriage legal in Canada if you got married in Mexico?

If you both have lived in Mexico, got married then you would immigrate to Canada as husband and wife and it is legal in Canada.

My boyfriend is illegal and i am a citizen Is it better to get married in the US or in Mexico? shouldn't get married if your boyfriend is illegal.But if you had to I would say neither go for canada.

Can you get married in Mexico with a Iowa marriage license and it still be legal?

No, it would not be legal. The license must be issued by the country, Mexico, where the ceremony is to take place.

You are pregnant with your boyfriend who is illegally here from Mexico can you get married?

The safest way to do this would be for you guys to get married in Mexico then apply for the marriage visa. I believe it's 4-9 months for the paperwork to get processed. That way, he can be in the states legally and you guys can be married. =)

Can you and your boyfriend get married if he is an illegal immigrant while he is in Mexico and you are in the US?

Answer No. He has to apply to your Immigration Department for a visa. Even if you went to Mexico and married there he would still be considered illegal by American Authorities. You would be wise to contact your Department of Immigration and find out what they say.

Is it legal to marry your sibling in Mexico?

It is not legal to marry your sibling in Mexico or any State in the U.S. because it is considered immoral. If the two got married it is highly likely there would be something genetically wrong with their children.

What would your boyfriend be to your kids?

nothing. if you married him he would be their stepfather

Besides having to be pregnant to get married as a minor are there other places that will allow a marriage without parental connect like Mexico or Canada?

Even if you are pregnate while a minor you still need to get a legal guardans approval before you can be legally married in general, but if you go to another country to get married, and are NOT a legal citizen of that country, it would not be a legal marriage.

Would you like to be my boyfriend?

sorry I'm married

What if your boyfriend is in county how can you get married?

What would Sadie Hawkins do?

Are you legally married if you live in the UK married in Mexico but never registered the marriage in the UK?

If your marriage was legal in Mexico then you are legally married. You need to obtain a divorce or the Mexican marriage may come back to haunt you some day. If you remarried in the UK without obtaining a divorce that marriage would be invalid and would be exposed if your husband ever showed up.

Would it be legal for an American alien to marry her Canadian boyfriend?

Yes it's legal in USA

Is it possible to get married in the us when still married in Mexico?

No, if you are legally married anywhere in the world then the marriage is considered legal under US law. Any subsequent marriage while still married anywhere would be legally invalid and you could be arrested for bigamy.

If you were married and got married again would the 2nd marriage be legal?

For a second marriage to be legal, the first would have to have been dissolved via legal divorce. If the first marriage was not legally dissolved, then a second marriage would neither be legal or illegal; it would simply be redundant. Married couples often renew their wedding vows, but there is no legal connection.

Does your wife miss her old boyfriend?

i dont think she would of married you if she missed her old boyfriend

How can your fiancee from Mexico and you obtain a marriage license in Iowa if he is illegal?

You cannot obtain a marriage license unless he is legal. It would be best to focus on him obtaining citizenship so you can get married.

If your mother's aunt married your boyfriend's dad's uncle are you related?

You would be related by marriage if you married your boyfriend.

Can your 18 year old boyfriend be your legal guardian when he have your parents permission?

No, a judge would never allow your parents to do that to your boyfriend.

Are you really common law married in Alabama if you lived with your boyfriend for only 5 years?

no but if u have lived with your boyfriend then you would only be allowed to be married in a court. You can not be married in a church because marriage is about being patient and waiting after you are married.

If you are currently married in Oklahoma can you get married in Arkansas and it still be legal?

Absolutely marriage is recognized across the country. You would then be considered a bigamist, and that is a crime.

Wife gets married knowing she is still married to someone in Alabama is it legal?

No. The second marriage would not be legal, and the wife has committed the crime of bigamy.

Is it legal to move in with your 22 year old boyfriend?

If you are a legal adult then there is no problem, you may live where you please.If you are under legal age then you would have to have your parents permission.

My babies father does not want anything to do with our baby so my boyfriend signed her birth certificate and is providing for her. does her biological father have to sign any legal papers?

Yes, he is still the father. If you were married to the boyfriend and he adopted the baby you would still have to get the father to sign away his rights.

If a sixteen year old girl and her thirty-three year old boyfriend went to a different country to get married would the marriage be legal when they come back to the United States?

If she was a US citizen then no, it would not be legal. Even overseas in a different country US Citizens are still subject to US laws.