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It isn't a problem with most insurance companies.

The life insurance company is stuck with the policy and must pay the full claim, as long as the applicant did not lie during the application process.

By the way, smokers should always tell the truth, when applying for life insurance. Smokers can find affordable life insurance! In case you're curious, here are some real case histories of smokers, along with the best life insurance quote they received from the underwriter: Smoking, Tobacco, and Nicotine Addiction

Answer2: Better check that. If you lied, that may make your policy null and void. The premium cost and life expectancy on the actuarial tables is quite higher/different for a smoker versus a non smoker. Those that smoke payer higher premiums and higher health care costs in general. Be safe, forget the occasional cigar, it's not good for you anyway.

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2017-01-28 16:19:37
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Q: If you were a non-smoker when you bought a policy but now occasionally smoke a cigar would this raise your rates?
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