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As a law enforcement employee who dealS with fraud, I can tell you that you are not responsible for fraudulent charges as long as you report it to the correct agencies. There are many kinds of fraud out there right now. Skimming is when your credit card is run through an illegal device that records sensitive account information. Phishing and spoofing are forms of internet fraud wherein you provide sensitive personal information to a site representing itself as another site (all those "Your account has been suspended on PayPal/eBay/etc." emails we all get) or when you type in an internet site and are unknowingly redirected to an illegal site disguised as the original cyber address. Bottom line is, if you file a police report with your local police department under the Identity Theft laws, you should be covered. However, you should also report any fraudulent charges made over the internet to the FBI, as local agencies have no federal jurisdiction. A good website to start with is the Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC) at They filter and direct all complaints to the appropriate agencies.

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Q: If you were a victim of skimming are you responsible for charges made fraudulently on the internet?
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