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Getting a piercing is completely different from getting a tattoo. Also there are way to many variables for why people get infections after piercing. For some they have problems because they were not pierced properly, or it was not a sterile inviroment. They may not have been given the proper information to clean their piercing or their bodies may simply have rejected the piercing altogether. Of course as I have said these are all at the top of list and the list of possibilties could go on and on....Just my take....My opinion...

I also had a allergic reaction to a belly button piercing for me they pierced it to deep.I also have several tattoos,unless you are allergic to ink you shouldn't have a problem but remember inproper care could lead to a serious infection.Also before considering any tattoo remember this is for life removal scars so I suggest to you wear a fake tattoo where you want the permanent one,for at least 3 weeks fake tattoos can be removed with baby oil no laser needed.Also research your tattooist before you start.

AnswerYou Were Probibly Allergic To The Jewlry So The Tattoo Should Become Infected Unless Not Properly Cared For.
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Q: If you were allergic to the metal when you got your belly button pierced would it be all right for you to get a tattoo or will it get infected?
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Does Alesha Dixon have a tattoo?

No, she doesn't. She apparently has her belly button pierced though.

Where to get your belly button pierced?

I would say a belly button piercing goes on your belly button. Some tattoo parlors will do it, but it's best to search places before deciding.

Can you get your belly button pierced at 13 in Maryland?

Yea . I went to Jemini tattoo and boutique to get my belly done when i was 13

Does a belly button piercing hurt more than the tattoo?

hi i have a lower back tattoo and i have had my belly button pierced. and the tattoo hurts loads more than the piercing. the piercing is over within minutes, by the time you feel it its done. hope this helps, Lisa

Can you get a tattoo if you are allergic to Henna or PPD?

Even if you are allergic to henna or PPD you can get a tattoo, but you should not and you will regret it if you do.

How do you peirce your own belly botton?

You should never pierce your own belly button - it could get infected due to non-sterile needles and jewelry and you can even die from these infections. It's best to go to a professional tattoo shop, and get pierced there when you're of age/with your parents/guardians. Just wait until you can legally get pierced! It's not a big deal.

Where can a 14 year-old get her belly button pierced?

A tattoo parlor or some piercing padgodas. but under 16 you need parental consent.

What are the symptoms of allergic reaction to tattoo ink?

a messy tattoo

Where in greenville sc can a minor get their belly button pierced without a parent?

The only thing i can think of is getting somebody to do it outside of the piercing shop. My friend did mines and never got infected, but her mom works at a tattoo parlor and she got the supplies from her mom. DONT TRY BY YOURSELF !!!!

How do i know if I'm allergic to the tattoo ink?

if you get a patch test done at your allergist it will show what you are allergic to. usually nickel and cobalt are the primary reason you might be allergic to tattoo ink

Can you be allergic to tattoo ink?

yes you can.

Where should you go to get your ears pierced?

A tattoo parlor

Cost to get your belly button pierced in FL?

if you live near Melbourne call new addiction tattoo and body piercing you can look it up online and call to find out

Can you use mupirocin for an infected tattoo?

Yes! I had a tattoo done recently and it got infected. I went to the doctor and got mupirocin ointment 2%.

Can you have an allergic reaction to a tattoo?

You can have an allergic reaction to the ink being used or the gloves that the tattooist uses.

Where do you get your lip pierced professionally?

Average tattoo shop/parlor.

What happens if your tattoo gets infected?

we get it check out

Why is a tattoo dangerous to people?

A tattoo is dangerous because you can get infected if not done properly, you can also get infected if the needle is not perfectly steriized, and also the ink can cause cancer.

Is there anybody piercing shops in Covington GA?

Yes, this is where I live and I know of several. The cheapest is a tattoo shop on Hwy 138 behind Ruby Tuesdays, there's a big sign that says TATTOO. I think they are called Copper Lotus Tattoos. They are very friendly. I got my nose pierced twice, and my belly button and watched my friend get her tongue pierced there.

What are the signs of an infected tattoo?

Tattoo infections can have several forms. If the tattoo needle was not sterilized or new, it is possible to develop hepatitis C and hepatitis B, as well as staph infections and HIV. There may not be symptoms for these diseases. Skin infections from tattoos can be more obvious. Swelling and redness, fever and warmth of the infected area, as well as puss and oozing are sure signs of an infection. Allergic reactions to the tattoo ink is very common, especially in red pigment ink.

Where should you go to get your belly button pierced in Louisiana?

i say go to southern tattoo in mandeville, that's where i got mine and they did a great job i haven't had any problems with it:)

What diseases can you get from a temporary tattoo?

Unless you're allergic to plastic, paper, or adhesives I don't think you will get any diseases from a temporary tattoo. Unless you're allergic to plastic, paper, or adhesives I don't think you will get any diseases from a temporary tattoo.

What happens when you let a unlicensed tattoo artist tattoo you?

When you let a unlicensed tattoo artist tattoo you, you have a greater chance of a botched tattoo, and of becoming infected from improperly handled tattooing equipment

Which one hurts more getting your tongue pierced or getting a tattoo?

Tattoo is a longer period of annoying sensation as apposed to a tongue piercing which is quick, besides there are no pain receptors in the area of the tongue that is normally pierced.

What does the tattoo under your belly button symbolize?

There really is no symbolic meaning to a tattoo under the belly button. In order to determine the symbolism, the kind of tattoo and design must be known.