If you were born in Israel does that make you a Jew?


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No. Being born in Israel makes you an Israeli. Being Jewish is an ethno-religious identity. Most Israelis are Jewish, but being born in Israel is not a criterion for being Jewish; conversion to Judaism or being born to a Jewish mother is.

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You're Jewish if one of your parents are Jewish. According to many Orthodox synagogues, you're only considered Jewish if your mother was Jewish, since being Jewish traditionally comes from the mother. Many people forget that Jews are a race, not just a religion. If you're born in Israel, you're an Israeli, but not necessarily a Jew. Just like if you were born in India, for example. It doesn't make you Hindu.; it just makes you a native of India.

Of course it all depends on your parents. If one of your parents are Jewish, you're considered half-Jewish ethnically, and if your mother was Jewish, many will recognize you as fully Jewish.

Answer 3

Answer 2 is wrong. You are Jewish only if your mother is Jewish - or if you convert to Judaism. And anyone is welcome to and able to convert if they wish to; Jews just don't seekconverts.

If you are born in Israel, then your nationality is 'Israeli'. But around 25% of Israelis are not Jewish. There are Muslims, Christians, Druze, atheists, Bahais and various other faiths all living and worshiping freely in Israel.

And just to add to the previous answer: even in Reform Judaism, if your father is Jewish but not your mother, you are only Jewish if you have been raised as a practicing Jew in a Jewish environment.

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If you are born in Israel, you are an Israeli by nationality. You can also be considered an Israeli if you are an inhabitant of Israel, though not always legally. Those that are born in Israel are not however automatically Jewish. Those that are Jewish often decided to be Jewish, because Judaism is a religion, not a nationality or ethnicity, especially if you do not live in Israel. To be a Jew, you must be an adherent of Judaism, and not all born in Israel are.

According to Jewish Law in Orthodox and Conservative Judaism, you are Jewish if your mother is Jewish. Some strains of Reform Judaism accept patrilineal descent as a criterion for Jewishness, provided that the child has been raised as a practicing Jew. In those cases, this means that you are Jewish if either your father or your mother is Jewish. All strains of Judaism also accept converts.

According to Israeli immigration law (the Law of Return), non-Israelis who move to Israel can obtain automatic citizenship if one grandparent is Jewish (as the Nazis identified Jews during the Holocaust).

Being born in Israel doesn't automatically make you either Jewish or Israeli. Your status depends on your parents.


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There is no such concept as "born again Jew" in Judaism. That is specifically a Christian concept.

Type your answer here... yes daniel radcliffe was born a jew.

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