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== Not necessarily== No, not necessarily. He may be generally empathic, or perhaps he is simply empathic toward you. The fact that he still shows some concern for your well being shouldn't be construed as a desire to renew a relationship with you or to rekindle old passions. But one never knows. If he laughed at your pain, that would show a deep antipathy toward you, which certainly would not bode well for you if you hope to get back with him. And if he showed complete indifference, well, many people think that's even worse than overt hatred. So, I suppose his reaction to your crying wasn't a bad sign. This site really isn't a Magic Eight Ball. And I'm afraid that any answer to a question like yours won't be much more reliable than the Eight Ball's. The best thing to do is deal with it bravely. That is, put your ego on the line and give him a call and ask him point blank if he would like to get back together with you. Assuming, of course, that is what you want.


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They will think about it/ They don't want to go out with you but they don't want to hurt your feelings/ They do want to go out with you but they are hiding their feelings from you.

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