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Yes, you'll need to complete the course of antibiotics and get the infection cleared up before the doctor can do anything more.

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Q: If you were diagnosed 6 days ago with pulent tonsillitis and were put on a course of antibiotics is it normal to now have clear blisters on the very back of your tongue and on your right tonsil?
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Is there a treatment for tonsillitis?

If it's a bacterial infection, then a course of antibiotics is given, usually Azithromycin. Also, drink lots of fluid and get plenty of rest.Mainly painkillers, but antibiotics can also be prescribed if the tonsillitis is caused by bacteria. If the tonsillitis returns multiple times, then a tonsillectomy (removal of the tonsils) will be performed.

What is tonsillitis surgery?

Tonsillitis or inflammation of the tonsils caused by infection of virus or bacteria is often successfully treated with a course of antibiotics. Only some complicated cases may require a tonsillectomy. It is important to know that Tonsillectomy (surgical removal of tonsils) is preferred only as the last resort to tonsillitis treatment and there are always risks associated with surgery.

Can you smoke with Tonsillitis?

I had tonsilitis , had a weeks course of antibiotics- felt better so had a cig and it came back, would recommend waiting at least a month after tonsilitis has cleared to start smoking again.

Can you eat ice cream with tonsillitis?

of course you can, it even helps

How long should i take antibiotics?

Doctor's prescribe a course of antibiotics - so the full course of antibiotics should be taken.

What do bumps down your throat mean?

If you have bumps down your throat and you feel like you have something stuck in your lower throat, it could be a bacterial infection such as pharyngitis or tonsillitis. You should consult your doctor because bacterial infections usually require a course of antibiotics to clear them up.

Will a course of antibiotics heal your infected piercing?

Yes. Of course, you still want to take really good care of your piercing while taking the antibiotics.

Illness not affected by antibiotics?

Viruses run their course and antibiotics are not prescribed for them. Antibiotics work against bacterial illnesses. So, if you have a cold (virus), but get pneumonia (bacterial) you can take antibiotics to get better.

Can antibiotics exhibit side effects four days after completing the course?

Unfortunately antibiotics can and do exhibit side effects four days after completing the course. I never start antibiotics without taking acidophilus and eating lots of yogurt.

What happens if you do not complete your course of antibiotics?

For you personally, if you don't finish the course of antibiotics, the infection may appear to have cleared but in fact may still remain and come back stronger and worse. Depending on the infection, that could mean another course of antibiotics is needed or more drastic treatment. Of course, you may just be lucky and the infection has already been cleared but it will do you no harm to finish the course and it is more likely that you won't have cleared it up. Some infections even take more than one course of antibiotics.

Can boiling water on skin course scaring?

Yes. Skin contact with boiling water can cause swells and burns, with may turn into blisters, and the blisters can cause scaring.

How long before antibiotics work?

You will begin to feel better in a matter of a couple of days on a course of antibiotics. It is important to take all of the antibiotics to cure infection.

Why do you need to finish the course of antibiotics?

You need to finish the course of antibiotics to make sure that the illness is cured. You could feel 100% better, but there could still be bacteria in your body that the antibiotics can cure. Always finish the course of antibiotics unless instructed otherwise by a doctor.Antibiotics are NEVER, able to cure viruses, just bacteria.Therefore, if a doctor ever prescribes you antibiotics for a common cold, lets say, then they are simply trying to get you out of the office quickly without a full explanation.

Are antibiotics safe to use?

Antibiotics are completely safe to use. The only time when it would be bad is if you take them for no reason, and a "superbug" that is immune to antibiotics forms. And, of course, if you are allergic.

What are the disadvantages of antibiotics?

some people are allergic to certain types of antibiotics and cannot use them. Antibiotics kill the natural bacteria in your gut, upsetting your digestive system. Patients do not complete their course of antibiotics which can cause resistance in bacteria

Is that just a myth that one should complete the course of antibiotics?

No. Obviously not. If a patient does not complete a course of antibiotics, they run the risk of selecting for antibiotic resistant bacteria in their body. If these bacteria become infectious, stronger (more expensive) antibiotics will be required to treat the secondary infection.

Why is it important to complete a course of antibiotics?

It is important to complete a course of antibiotics because even if you start to feel better, the infection may not have been killed, enabling it to either: 1. Build a defence against the prescribed antibiotic and come back stronger, meaning that you will then need to be prescribed a stronger course of antibiotics to fight the infection. Or 2. Remain dormant in your body with a new resilience against antibiotics. This increases the risk of you contracting MRSA, if you are hospitalised or come in to contact with the MRSA bug later in life, and with the resilience to antibiotics it will not be easily treated. Neither of the above are certain to happen if you do not complete a course of antibiotics, but both have a significantly high risk.

How can a bacterial infection be treated?

Bacterial infections must be treated with antibiotics opposed to a virus infection which have to run a course and antibiotics have no effect on.

How can you become immune to antibiotics?

By taking them when you don't really have an infection and by not completing the entire course and stopping the antibiotics after only a few days.

Can you take acidophilus with antibiotics?

yes! of course....! it is in fact recommended to take acidophilus, when taking antibiotics, in order to balance the effects of the "bad bacteria" (antibiotics) with the "good bacteria" (acidophilus), and to help avoid unpleasant side effects that antibiotics can have.

What do I do if I get worms?

See a doctor immediately for removal or a course of antibiotics to kill them.

Can you treat herpetic gingivostomatitis with antibiotics?

No you cannot. It has to run it's course.

How are bacterial infections often treated?

A course of antibiotics will be prescribed by a doctor.

Why should a course of antibiotics be completed each time it is prescribed?

Also, If you don't complete a course of antibiotics, you give the bacterial infection/disease opportunity to mutate and build up a resistance to that type of antibiotic.

Antibiotics and trying to conceive?

Most Antibiotics will not affect you're ovulation nor hurt you're baby if you DO conceive during the course of the antibiotics. make sure you tell you're doctor you are TTC.