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Another answerThis is/was a very common problem 3800 FWD engine usually caused by a wire break inside the crankshaft position sensor. Replacing the sensor may require a special puller to remove the harmonic balancer it you cannot remove it by hand. It is often possible to remove the balancer pulling my hand, with the bolt removed of course. Do not attempt to use a jaw type puller to remove the harmonic balancer as this will destroy it.

This symptom can also be caused by a faulty ignition control module or ignition switch. If it's the ignition switch, wiggling the key around while the engine is running may cause it to stall or cause strange behaviour of heat/air conditioning or exterior lights. A faulty ignition control module is more common than an ignition switch problem, but can't easily be tested without both a digital multimeter and an oscilloscope so it it usually more practical for the DIYer to just replace it. It can be well worthwhile to apply thermal paste aka heat transfer compound which is readily available from any computer store. Silicone tune up grease is not the same thing and has the opposite effect.

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How do you reset warning lights on a Pontiac G6 GT?

Depends on what warning light you are asking about.

What do the warning lights on a 1998 Pontiac grand am mean?

The warning lights on a 1998 Pontiac Grand Am mean that the vehicle's computer has detected a problem. This can range from low tire pressure to malfunctions within the engine itself.

Warning lights for a 2002 Pontiac Sunfire?

is the trac align light mean

Why are automatic locks locking and unlocking while driving?

I had a suburban and just after the doors started locking and unlocking the alternator went out.....beware....there was only about a 30 second warning before it died completely..and that warning was the CD flew out of the CD player.

How do you reset tire pressure on a 2004 Pontiac grand prix?

how do you reset the tire pressure warning light on a 2004 pontiac grand prix

What is usual color and shape of a warning sign?

A yellow diamond is always a warning sign while driving.

How do you fix the generator warning light?

the generator warning light - it indicates malfunction in charging system. The light should go off once the engines started, if it comes on while driving, the generator drive belt and the charging system needs checked.

How long was the warning before the Joplin tornado?

Joplin was under a tornado warning for about 17 minutes before the tornado formed and 19 minutes before it entered the city.

What is the average warning time of a tornado strike?

The average lead time for a tornado warning is 14 minutes.

How much advance warning can forcasters provide before a tornado strikes?

Average lead time for a tornado warning is about 15 minutes. In rares cases it can be over 30 minutes.

How do you reset the tire pressure warning indicator on a 2001 Pontiac Bonneville?

how do you reset the tire pressure warning indicatoron a 2000 Pontiac Bonneville? push the button on the dash and hold until the light goes off. this should only take a few seconds.

How much time do you have when tornado warning issued?

It varies quite a bit. The average warning time is about 15 minutes.

What is the average amount of warning before tornado hits?

The average lead time for a tornado warning is 14 minutes.

How much warning time do you have for a tornado?

It varies. The average lead time for a tornado warning in the United States is 14 minutes. However, in recent years lead times have been as long as 39 minutes, while in other cases there has been no warning.

How long does a tornado warning last?

It varies. A tornado warning may last for just a few minutes or over an hour.

How much warning time do people typically have when a tornado hits?

The average lead time for a tornado warning is 15 minutes.

How much warning can a person expect before a tornado occurs?

The average lead time for a tornado warning is 15 minutes. Sometimes you get more warning, sometimes less.

What are some earthquake early warning systems?

there are no early warning systems to an earthquake, the only warning you get is minutes before the actual earthquake strikes due to earth tremor's.

Warning lights 1992 Pontiac Grand Pre?

What does a small warng light "1 P" indicate?

Is it safe to continue driving when the ignition warning light comes on on a Ford Capri?

The term "warning light" tells you that you need to check something out.

How do you write a warning letter to an employee for bad driving?

Just have a quiet word to them and insure you are alone. Dont acuse them of bad driving.

Where is the signal flasher located on a 2003 Pontiac Grand Am?

Incorporated in the hazard warning module part of the hazard switch

Trash can symbol in dashboard definition of warning for 99 mercury?

Probably means to get rid of the Mercury and buy a Pontiac.

What are the Pontiac dashboard warning light symbol meanings?

There are a few different lights on the dashboard on a Pontiac. The meaning of the light are check engine, battery low, put on seat belt and door ajar.

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