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Okay the only way you can get pregnant is if you actually insert the penis into the vagina and ejaculation occurs, if that is what happend and the only thing that was protecting you was clothing than yes you could possibly be pregnant, clothing in no way should be used as a method of protection it has holes in the weaves of where the clothing was put together and sperm is much smaller and can pass through a shirt, underpants, ect. and I suggest if you want to be prtected during sex to use some sort of birth control.

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Q: If you were dry humping inserting through thong and shorts with small holes in them and his boxers could you be pregnant?
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Is it possible to get pregnant by dry humping if the guy is wearing jeans and boxers and girl is in pajama pants and underwear?

Absolutely not

You and your girlfriend were dry humping and ejaculated and you had on boxers and shorts and she had on jeans and a thong a week later she had a headache and some nausea is she pregnant?

Absolutely NOT!!!

Could a girl get pregnant from dry humping if the guy is wearing boxers which are damp from ejaculate and the girl is wearing nothing?

AnswerSperm travels in fluids, and sperm is tiny. So, if there's enough fluid, the sperm can travel through the weave in the boxers. The odds aren't very good that a girl would get pregnant, but they aren't zero either.

You had jeans and boxers on and your girlfriend had sweatpants and a thong and you had pre come on your jeans it went through and your girlfriend sat on you and were dry humping can she be pregnant?

There is a very small risk here. Considering how thick jeans are, your okay. And especially if she had a thong covering her vaginal entrance.

If a boy is dry humping a girl and he is in his boxers and she is wearing jean shorts can she get pregnant?

No...she probably cheated on you. Asking silly questions like this the world is glad you dont understand how to reproduce.

Can you get pregnant if a girl is wearing a thong but he has boxers onand on top of each other humping?

The only way in which a girl can get pregnant is if a sperm fertilizes her ovum (which is inside her.) So if somehow, he ejaculates inside of her, maybe. Otherwise, it's impossible.

Can sperm get through boxers?

It's not likely but if your worried about getting pregnant or getting some one pregnant i wouldn't chance it.

If you and your girlfriend were humping and she got wet and you ejaculated can it go through your boxers and her underwear and get her pregnant?

no From Haissan: It is a possibility, sperm are microscopic and can easily pass through the fibers and weave of yours and your girlfriends underwear. there is a distinct possibility you sperm could get all the way up to her uterus and fertilize an egg.

Can you get pregnant if you bf was pushing his penis against your vagina and you were naked but he had boxers on you felt wetness thru his boxers and it was the day after your period had ended?

It is highly unlikely you would get pregnant the day after your period unless you have a very short cycle and as far as I know sperm cannot get through boxers, even wet ones. Penetration usually has to occur for a girl to get pregnant.

Can male sperm pass through a pair of boxers and make a women pregnant?

Yes they can...they are determined little guys lol.

Can sperm travel through boxers underwear and mesh shorts in a simple hug and get you pregnant?

No, sperm cannot get through clothes. Pregnancy requires genital contact.

Can you get pregnant for wearing boy's boxers?


Could your girlfriend get pregnant if you penetrated her with your boxers on and you are not sure if you ejaculated or precame through your boxers but your penis was in her vagina?

This sounds extremely uncomfortable for both of you and I would think that pregnancy was a possibility if intercourse occurred at a fertile time of the month.

You touched your penis through your boxers when there was a slight amount of pre-ejaculate fluid on your penis then fingered your girlfriend what are the chances of her being pregnant?


Can you get pregnant if you're wearing basketball shorts but your boyfriend is in his boxers but then you feel cum on his boxers?

No, you can't. Unless he was inside of you or came on your vagina with no pants on, you're not going to get pregnant.

How many times do boxers need to mate before they are pregnant?

it can take only once to get pregnant.

What are the ways to increase the sperm count?

You should wear loose boxers, and inserting the scrotum in cool water will also help.

What if your boyfriend and you were dry-humping with his boxers on and your shorts and underwear on and a clear liquid is on the girls shorts is there a chance of pregnancy?

No there is not, Semen can not pass through clothing, though the liquid that holds them can. As long as there is one article of clothing in between the semen and the vagina there will be no pregnancy.

Can pre-ejaculate fluid travel through boxers and get her pregnant?

You would have to be super unlucky for any ting like that to happen, it sounds virtualy imposible.

Can sperm go through boxers?


If i was rubbing up against his penis with just his boxers on am i gonna get pregnant?

no No. His sperm needs to have actually gone into your vagina for you to get pregnant.

If a girl is naked and on top of you. dry humping. you have boxers and sweatpants on and ejaculate can she get pregnant?

If you came, and it was enough to go wet the fabric of the outermost layer of your pants, and her vagina was uncovered placed against that, then there is a higher than normal risk, around 34%. You might want to take a home pregnancy test. You can get them at any pharmacy.

Can you get pregnant if you simulate sex and he was wearing boxers and jeans and you only have your underwear on if he ejaculates a little on his pants can you get pregnant?

You should be just fine.

Me and my boyfriend were dry humping and he came a little i was wearing thin underwear but with jeans over top and he was wearing boxers and jeans my pants were a little damp can i be pregnant?

Probably not, but... Highly improbable. Think about if you were trying to have a baby. Is this the best way? I doubt it. You would want full intercourse, as many times as you could possibly do it. Picture somebody else trying to get pregnant with their clothes on. Hello!!!!! That isn't going to cut it.

Can you get pregnant if you wear your boyfriends boxers after he ejaculated in them and then washed them?

No.Sperm can't survive that long..

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